When travelling South Korea, one can’t help but to notice the influences of Japanese culture in Korean. Japan ruled Korea for 35 years; plenty of their influences are imprinted in the Korean culture. And as time elapses, many other influences are easily observable and there are somewhat distinct in many ways. Japan and Korea have had cultural interactions for over a thousand years and direct political contact till present time. Korea is known as a country of single race but there are other ethnic within this homogeneous ethnic group as well. This is especially notably seen amongst daily lifestyle in simple places, like their markets.


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When it comes to food, there are similarities but as of who is influencing who would be inappropriate for me to verdict because I am no history expert myself. Merchants seek opportunities and target the right group mainly of the younger generation when it comes to fancy street food. Those delicate and pretty Japanese desserts made their way into hearts of Koreans and here, I am referring to the Mochi Cream


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These little devils would get anyone all excited with just a glance of it. And after which, you probably wouldn’t get your eyes off it. It is beautifully craved and stunningly displayed to have you melted right away. When surrounded by all these amazing sweet delicacies, the slight fragrant and sweet aroma easily triggers the saliva gland.


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Mochi Cream is basically a confectionary label with not only Mochi but also other dessert pastries.


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Perfect for gifts, comes in boxes or individual packages. There are so many choices so you probably have to really control yourself and remain as rational as possible when purchasing.


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Here is what I got. I am not a fan of Mochi, but this one has got stunning flavours.




The sweet desserts here are all imported to Korea and they proudly make sure that customers are aware of it. This sign simply translates how Koreans can enjoy this famous sweet delicacy from Japan with precise control of temperature, etc.


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Check out what else is available on their website at http://www.mochicream.com/index.html


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