Located at the end of Orange Atrium within the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall and visibly taking a huge space opposite the Celcom Blue Cube center, the 798 Shabu Shabu is something comparatively analogous to the Sukiya Shabu Shabu . The Shabu-shabu provide buffet style lunch at Rm29.90+ and buffet dinner at RM39.90++.


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The semi permeable ceiling roof allows ample sunlight into the restaurant while the glass panel ushers natural daylights into the neatly arranged seats.


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Every seat comes with a solo pot with mini electrical induction cooker. There are four options to the choice of soups namely the miso, clear soup (which is actually chicken soup according to the staff), herbal soup and something with a slight kick of spice; the tomyam soup.


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This is awesome for those who is particular about hygiene and repelling with the idea of sharing and eating from one common pot.


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The choices of ingredients for shabu shabu here are considered extensively complete with varieties of plants, fungi, and assorted processed meat balls. Also available is assorted noodles and sauces.


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The cleanliness is one impressive factor here. Unlike many shabu or steamboat places (especially buffet styles) this place is always clean and never messy.


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There is no seafood but the closest you get is the fish slices. Also available free flow is the beef, lamb, pork and chicken slices.


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My personal favourite, lots of greens and fungi.


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Enjoy the shabu with their dipping sauce and don’t forget to mix and match your preference choice of sauce.


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End the meal with some dessert and have fun decorating your soft ice cream with choices of vanilla, mint, or mix of vanilla and mint.


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Drinks are also free flow but the drinks are weirdly awful so don’t bother indulging into any of the drinks.


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The 798 Shabu Shabu is located at :
OB.K6, Sunway Pyramid,
No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-56322798


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