Dai Ban Noodle literally translates to thick or big noodle. They serve not just noodles, but many of the rest of the noodles as well as rice and burgers. They take pride in the fresh ingredients and the preparation of the ingredients and dishes. Carefully picking their ingredients and preparing everything right from scratch, the cook puts in lots of effort to ensure the best of quality and value for money for the customers.




Salted Egg Sotong (RM 11.90) is a rich salted egg coat of sotong ring with amazing texture. Deep fried with the perfect timing, the sotong doesn’t take lots of effort gnawing it. When chewing it, the salted egg coating is astutely distributed evenly. Every bite is real tasty.


1.daiban-Salted Egg sotong @ RM11.90


The Crunchy Prawn Roll sells at RM 7.90 and the prawns were really fresh and juicy. The skin was great and not too greasy. The prawns however, would be much more appealing in appearance should they have removed the intestinal vein.


2.daiban-Crunchy Prawn Roll @ RM7.90


Fan of smoked duck slices should be delighted with their imported Smoked Duck that is selling so affordably at RM 8.90 per plate. Every slice is well distributed with a balance layer of meat and fat, greatly moist and succulent at the same time.


3.daiban- Smoked Duck @ RM8.90 (1)


When coming up with the name Daiban Noodle, this illustrates not just big noddle, but grand in general. Grand dishes, grand presentation, grand services for the customers and everything grand you can ever imagine. While trying to achieve this, check out this huge plate of Lemon Grass Pork Chop with Fried Rice at a reasonable price of RM 12.90. The generous slice of pork chop is so delicious and perfect in both the texture and the flavour. Marinated for hours, the pork chop is fantastic.




Speaking of good pork chop, the DaiBan Pork Burger did not fall short from their pork chop rice. The pork patty is amazingly spiced and each patty is minced not with any machine or meat grinder but with the traditional method of the skillful cook. The texture is pretty solid, nothing too loose and the bun is superbly fluffy and soft.


5.daiban-Dai Ban Pork Burger @ RM15.90 (4)


The cheese and vegetables alongside the sauces gives the moist on top of the juicy patty. The wedges are crispy on the outside and not greasy as well.


6.daiban-Dai Ban Pork Burger @ RM15.90


Another best seller is the Claypot Pumpkin and Pork Rib congee (RM10.90). Most places cook porridges with plain porridge. This one is cooked with flavours which blend well with the later addition of pumpkin. This way, the pumpkin blends into the porridge nice and smooth.


7.daiban- Claypot Pumpkin & Pork Rib Congee (2)


Follow by the Dai Ban Spicy Char Kuey Teow (RM8.90) which is delectably spicy. It comes with a mix of yellow noodles despite the name Char Kuey Teow. The mix of noodles is so the texture of this is slightly muddled up with both a more solid texture from the noodle and the bouncy texture from the kuey teow. As for the spicy level of this dish, the zest to this is the right at the tip and the addition of preserved turnip in it is clever.


8.daiban-Dai Ban Spicy CKT & Noodles @ RM8.90 (5)


The signature to the Dai Ban noodle is the Traditional Handmade Dai Ban Mee at a fair price of RM 6.50. The ingredients are pretty luscious and the soup is rich in flavour, very much to my liking. The noodles however, lack some chewiness in texture. I admire the effort of the cook preparing everything right from scratch with man power instead of machine. That means all the way from kneading the dough and pinching it to pieces.


9.daiban- Traditional Handmade Dai Ban Mee @ RM6.50


The beverages are also something they are entitled to be swollen with pride. Using fresh fruit with no artificial preservatives or concentrated juice, their juices are also one that is worth admiring. With lots of passion fruit in most of their mixes, instant perk of blasting flavours comes from the strike of sour with the immense fragrance from the passion fruit.


10.daiban- (9)
11.daiban- (22)
12.daiban- (23)
13.daiban- (11)


I can’t disagree to the Teh and Kopi Ais but I wouldn’t acknowledge them as the best. One thing for sure that is the quality is at its best.


14.daiban- (25)


The Dai Ban Noodles is located at :
87 Jalan SS21/1A
Damansara Utama (Uptown)
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Business Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (10am – 10pm)
Tel No: 010-226 6988
Email: daibannoodles@gmail.com
Facebook: Dai Ban Noodles



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