I am lovin’ it even more with this lamb burger. Mc Donald’s is almost the favourite childhood memories for most of us. Yours truly is no exception. I remember looking forward to Sunday mornings very much because father would take us to the Kids club in McD’s and that’s when we get our favourite burger (well they only gave us one choice back then), the Mc Egg. That might be just the reason why I love McEggs so much. Probably because very much connected by those good memories and fun times I had with the rest of those kids every Sunday. I am so glad that the McEgg is back with the deluxe version. Read about Mc Egg Deluxe here


In different continent and countries, the Mc Donald’s serves different menu on top of their regular. For example, pork is definitely a no-no in Malaysia, and back in Hong Kong, we have Macaroni on the breakfast menu. In Australia, there is the serious Lamb Burger, that comes with a very plum lamb patty, tooped with the banjo egg, and some gourmet salad and beetroot, with wheat germ bun.


1.@mc d lamb and cookie (10)
2.@mc d lamb and cookie (11)


I really like it not smashed up and squeezed while wrapped in papers like ours, and the fact that the salad are still really looking fresh in contrary to the salad mayonnaise in our Chicken Mc Deluxe or Mc Chicken.


3.@mc d lamb


To all the Mc Donald fans, do take note of the specialty in each county you visit and you might just find something interesting from their.


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