When “shell out” on food, it is only fair that one should enjoy it and make sure it is worth paying for. First of all, one must foremost be able to get whole of the directions around this enclave for some of the roads are strictly one way and thus making it slightly challenging to get to the Shell Out. Not to mention parking bay is also a challenge during peak hours.


1.shell out (7)


It is not difficult to guess what is on the menu especially with the nautical décor in the shop on the wall and at the same time spotting lots of nets and gear for the avid fisherman or angler.


2.shell out (13)


No cutleries required and the dining experience is first of its kind around town and is a fun American style to devour seafood. It was a great experience while tantalizing the taste bud to varies sensations and levels of spiciness. The menu is really simple, picking your selection of seafood and the offered sensation.


3.shell out (2)


With no plates, instead just plastic bags wrapping the seafood of mainly the shell kind served straight after ripping the bags opened on our table.


4.shell out (31)
5.shell out -prawn (3)


The star on the table is definitely the Snails. It was substantially huge, succulently sweet and juicy, with perfect texture so blissful and astonishing when cooked with the spices and flavours.


11.shell out -snails (2)


The Scallop in half shell sells at RM 17.90 per 250 g and was deliciously sweet and definitely better than the prawns. Those prawns lack the essential key to good food, which is freshness. Also, I am not a fan of prawn’s intestinal vein. Same goes with the crab and crawfishes, in which I really puzzled since seafood is their main and only ingredients. Nonetheless, we polished everything right from the cheliped to the running legs and the carapace down to the abdomen.


6.shell out - Scallop in half shell RM 17.90per 250 g.
7.shell out -crawfish (1)


The Fried Sweet Potato makes a good starter and is selling at RM 8.90 per basket. The Fried Fish Basket serves deep fried baby pomfret that is super crispy and fun to chew in. This one sells at RM 10.90 per basket.


8.shell out -Fried Sweet Potato RM 8.90 (2)
9.shell out-Fried Fish Basket RM 10.90 (1)


There were five in a basket and with a bunch of creative people, guess what happened to the fish?


10.shell out (32)


That’s right, Anna killed it. Yikes! And I must confess that we had quite a bit of fun drawing and eating off the table with our hands while wearing a huge beep.


12.shell out (22)


Here is what happened after meal. Be prepared for a total mess on the table and rest assure no one would be on insta-ing of facebook-ing during this meal.


13.shell out (58)


The entire restaurant is accessorized with not just nautical decorations, but signatures from dinners as well. Sycookies also left a gold silhouette somewhere at the Shell Out .




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The Shell Out seafood restaurant is located at :
16-1 Jalan Pju 5/15, Dataran Sunway Damansara
47810 Sungai Buloh
Phone 03-7497 1137
GPS: 3.152090, 101.591855
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theshellout


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