Malaysians spent more than half the time eating and when they are not, they are probably thinking of what’s for the next meal. And even during off hours past midnights we have our 24 hour mamak stalls and the famous lok lok vans that are no longer unusual to us. Lok lok is this fun skewer of assorted ingredients cooked inside a boiling pot and eaten with few sauces of your choice. Somewhat like a cross of steamboat and shabu shabu. As a matter of fact, those lok lok vans have evolved in the past years so instead of the conventional dip and boiling, there are grill and fried on the van itself. And today, the little food truck has been situated permanently in a restaurant.


1.part of the shop
2.the van in d restaurant2


The Fat One Steamboat is now parked everlastingly at the Bandar Sunway. Charging at RM 30 per pax, this buffet style lok lok is offering more than just skewers. With bottomless flow of fresh ingredients including seafood, vegetables, noodles, rice, eggs, poultries, desserts and beverages, some ready to eat while others requires some cooking time.


3.vegetables,fried fu chok eggs, dry sections..
4.sauces area
5.fridge keep food fresh. all the processed food2
5.2in front of d van is fruits sections n jelly . rojaks mainly


The crowd is almost crazy approaching dusk and people start lining up all the way till approaching midnight. Good news is that customers can grab some light bites while queuing. The boss is real cool with that while you get to stay as long as you want once seated. The buffet is at an endless flow for as long as there are customers.


6.gorengs, including fried wonton,veg duck,
7.century eggs under is preserved pickles fruit
8.fried rice n fried kuey tiaw
9.herbal eggs and fish ball curries
9.2 fried chicken wings in skewers n sauces


At the entrance is the griller stand which is weird to me but no one seemed to have any problem with that. Each table has little placards that with table numbers on it. Drop to the grill stations with your selection of items to be grilled and let the friendly staff do his job and in no time, grilled pork sausages, lamb skewers, chicken satay, sashimo, otak-otak would be serving at your table.


10.the grill section infront of d restaurant_副本
11.pork sausages fr grill section


Instead of the traditional way that is crowding at the van to cook in the very limited pot on the van, there are individual pots on each table of course. Let the pot boil while you enjoy the ready cooked food.


12.pot with two soups 2


Seafood of almost all kinds are available. And the most impressive ones is this unlimited flow of crab with roe that is available at all time. Fan of crab roe must control yourselves and please note that it comes with enormous amount of cholesterol aight?


13.all kinds of shells, fresh seafood
15.almost all crabs with roe


Drinks includes orange juice, herbal tea, and chinese tea . A warm and comforting ending to the meal is some silky soft and smooth tau fu fa. Here is the owner’s cute little girl showing off her gentle and steady technique scooping the tau fu fa.


16.tau fu fa
17.tau fu fa is limited im not sure,should b til late no more.but its warm n minimum sweet1


Anything sweeter than that would be the freezies, popsicles and ice creams with cones.


18.freezies and popsicles11
19.freezies and popsicles12 creams with cones. free flow.1


The immense crowd conquering both inside and outside is frenzy crazy. I enjoy the natural breeze outdoor. Like many other buffet steamboat restaurants, it gets a little nasty and messy after all those seafood indulgence. Fear not for they invest in the towel dispenser machine with either hot or cold towels available. Cool eh?


21.many tables, many ppl
22.towel dispencers. hot n cold available


Should one still prefers the experience to stand by the little vans, here is a couple of hot spot to locate them :


HQ: Petaling Street
S15, Subang
Putra Height
USJ, Taipan
Sunway Pyramid,
Puchong Citibank,
Major Pasar Malam


The Fat One Steamboat is located at:
No 22 & 23, Jalan PJS 8/17,
Dataran Mentari Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 016-9766623


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    • sycookies

      So cute right? You like curry fish balls? Theirs are okay. Not lousy but nothing too fantastic. The seafood is their main attraction. And I really don’t know what’s all the craze, people are crazy over this.

    • sycookies

      After awhile all steamboat kinda just tasted similar. This one has got a bit more than just steamboat. The varieties are pretty interesting and their seafood are considered fresh and good enough for steamboat. Perhaps you can check them out sometime soon.

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