Nicely nestled in the eatery enclave of Desa Sri Hartamas, the Aoyama The Green Room is not foreign amongst patrons and residence nearby. The only restriction is probably the forever hectic parking bays. That did not stop the desire to fulfill gastro satisfaction for most customers. Being a neighbourhood friendly restaurant, there are always seasonal dishes according to the availability of imported ingredients which customers are never reluctant to attempt. While offering calm and cozy surrounding that is relaxing enough for good food pairing with a couple of drinks. Kitchen is halal but alcohol and good food is an inseparable Japanese culture.


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The starters were pretty amazing even though I did not manage to photograph the display of the dishes. Trying them in bites, was indeed a bud teaser and it already kicked start the palate while the fried items really appeal to me as perfect to go with a drink or two if not appetisers. The Seasoned Shrimps were super crunch and addictive especially when they were not greasy at all.


3.aoyama -Seasoned Baby Shrimp. Rm10.00 (1)


When served the super huge prawn it gave me premature ventricular contractions. The excitement kept surging all the way when the staff served us.


5.aoyama -Seasonal Prawns. Rm58.00 (6)
3.1aoyama -Seasonal Prawns. Rm58.00 (9)


The star of this dish is the roe in this huge prawn, with most of the chunks from the meat pan grilled and the roe to make the chawanmushi an extravagant one. The layer on top tasted almost like shrimp bisque and beneath is the smooth egg custard. Oki Ebi Teppan here sells accordingly to the market price and this one here cost RM 58 and it made an amazing communal dish.


4.aoyama -Seasonal Prawns. Rm58.00 (7)
6.aoyama -Seasonal Prawns. Rm58.00 (11)


Followed by more ala carte dishes which is again perfect for sharing is the Wagyu Tomato Beef at RM 48 with beautifully diced cubes of wagyu beef, foie gras, and shitake mushroom. The combination of ingredients in this was beautifully expertised to give an ambrosial after taste in its flavour while the beef score the perfect texture.


7.aoyama -Wagyu Tomato Beef. Rm48.00 (2)


The Lamb and Mutton burger arrived on the table sizzling with a great aroma wafting to fill the air with tantalizing aroma.


8.aoyama -Lamb And Mutton Burger. Rm22.00 (3)


Pour the egg and indulge in the process of the egg slowly turning solid as it cooks from the sizzled heat. Eating the patty with semi cooked egg for this smoother texture while the egg brings out more flavour from the poultry making the combined minced lamb and mutton sweet, tender and juicy at the same time deporting the distinct flavour of mutton along with the sprinkled spring onion.


9.aoyama -Lamb And Mutton Burger. Rm22.00 (7)
10.aoyama -Lamb And Mutton Burger. Rm22.00


Sushi lover fear not, there are few innovative creations wittily crafted by their experienced chef to please the sense of sight and taste. Cleverly fusing the use of blue flower (a commonly used ingredient in peranakan kuih and dishes) into Japanese rice, the Celestial Maki (RM 28) can never be more appealing than this.


11.aoyama -Blue Flower Maki (1)


And let the Volcano Maki (RM 22) erupt to numb your sense of taste with the piquant dressing while the maki pieces contributes to the soft chew with semi solid texture from deep fried outer layer. The sauce is great to go with this but was distinctly obvious overpowered from tobacco’s fermented fiery sensation.


12.aoyama -Blue Flower Maki (4)


There is always something milder and those that would easily fit to the palate of majority. Fusion Tuna Plate sells at RM 50 and is a great platter friendlier to those with milder liking to anything too sensationally fierce and spicy.


13.aoyama -Fusion Tuna Plate (RM50)


Something for the solo dinners would be their Kyushu Shoyu Ramen available in two versions, the spicy and non spicy, these sells at RM 28 each and note that they are limited to 10 bowls daily. Subjected to your liking to spicy food, the spicy meter for their ramen is at blasting and explosive rate to which it could wipe out the taste of everything else in this bowl. The tip to challenge your spicy meter is to start with mild and ask for their additional chili to be served separately. Gradually mix the chili paste into the soup according to your personal preference. I honestly think that this was nothing to shout about if priced at RM 28 but their chili paste definitely hit the top score.


14.aoyama -Kyushu Shoyu Ramen. Rm28.00 (7)


Finally, cool off the spiciness with this amazing combination of house ice cream of assorted flavour of which we tasted the Ocean Blue, Green Tea with Red Bean Paste, Vanilla and Yuzu, and the Black Sesame selling at the reasonable price of RM 16 per plate (RM 8 when ordering single scoops). Since the base is vanilla in all, expect the mild taste of vanilla in all except green tea and black sesame flavour. Ocean blue captures slight sweetness while sea salt gradually comes in as it melts. It was a fantastic finishing with decent smoothness.


15.aoyama -Ocean Blue. Green Tea. Vanilla and Yuzu. Black Sesame.16 per plate 8 per scoop (2)


Thank Nomster for organizing and the great foodies for the day, as well as the generous serving from the Aoyama. Locate them at :


No. 8 Jalan 27/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
03-6206 3800
Mon-Sat: 11:30-14:30 (Lunch), 18:00-22:30 (Dinner)
Sun: 11:30-15:00 (Lunch), 18:00-22:00 (Dinner)
GPS coordinate:


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