With blue themed and dimmed lightings, the Chulo certainly presents chic settings with cosy ambiance to lounge over a couple of drinks from the bar as well as a series of gastronomic contentment waiting to be discovered. Kick start the mind blowing meal with their starters which are seriously huge and absolutely suitable to pair with anything from the bar since the flavours slightly skewed a little towards brine, while not forgetting the generous portion. The Chulo’s Nicoise Salad sells at RM 18.80 and it came with two plump pieces of solid butter fish grilled to perfection at perfect texture to accompany the beautiful colour of salad mix with Italian dressing. This one is good to go as a main dish if you ask me, but for starters they are not bad especially when sharing as a common platter.


1.chulo (-Chulo’s Nicoise Salad RM 18.80


Cold dish is another great item as starters and the pair of these thick slices of apple wood scented Smoked Duck Breast meat with mango is a brilliant combination. I was told this one is good and judging at how quickly this one is polished, I dare say it must be close to perfection at reasonable pricing of RM 12.80.


2.chulo -Smoked Duck Breast RM 12.80


The next pub grub is the Chulo Hot Wings that is incredibly flavorful with all the sauces as well and spices and herbs to deeply marinate this and putting this as another champ to go with a drink or two. It was a good combo of spicy, sweet and sour selling at RM 14.80.


3.chulo -. Chulo Hot Wings RM 14.80


Tangy flavour from thousand island silently lure your palate to munching the Prawn Cocktail continuously when the natural sweetness from the prawn within the tasty tempura flour compatibly pleased your satisfaction especially when topped with the zest from a squeeze of lemon. Don’t expect anything like the Japanese tempura but this one is alright as common platter at RM 22.80.


4.chulo -Prawn Cocktail RM 22.80


Slowly warming up the stomach is their thick and warm soup, agreeably pretty in presentation when served. This Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup sells at RM 12.80 with a sliced of beautifully toasted bread to go with the smooth comfort of the mushroom soup and it was great with the chunks of wild mushrooms in it.


5.chulo -Potato and Leek Soup RM 12.80
6.chulo -Potato and Leek Soup RM 12.80 (1)


The first sets the bar so high this one somewhat drifted far from wining as I thought the soup was a little coarse and diluted with very little flavour of broccoli in it. The serving with broccoli and a dollop of cream right in the middle did moved me a little but the taste fell short from my expectations. This Cream of Brocolli Soup was accompanied with garlic croutons and sells at RM 12.80.


7.chulo -Cream of Broccoli Soup RM 12.80


Minestrone Soup here sells at RM18.80 which I thought was a little pricy but although slightly salty, was still generally good and filling with the charitable amount of pasta, celery, carrot, and an inevitable rich stock.


7.1chulo -Minestrone Soup RM18.80


Finally getting to the actual mains, the lamb tasted decently good and nicely tender at a pleasant texture making gnawing almost effortless. The seasonal vegetable compliments the meat perfectly. This New Zealand roasted Rack of Lamb slowly cooked and served with steamed vege, caramelized onions and rosemary juice sells at RM 45.80. It’s perfect for lamb lover.


chulo -Lamb Chop RM 23.80 (1)
chulo -Lamb Chop RM 23.80


The lamb chop was a good setting for slow meal and a good chat over dinner. Selling at RM 23.80, this grilled Lamb Chop topped with rosemary juice and accompanied with lots of seasonal vegetables and potato wedges is at the perfect amount for solo diners.


8.chulo -Lamb Chop RM 23.80
chulo -Rack of Lamb RM 45.80 (1)


Their meat loaf makes eating a lot easier with delicious sauce to balance the flavour of vege and mashed potatoes. It was unfortunate that the minced meat was slightly underwhelming when it comes to freshness on their chicken. It was probably over thawed leaving an unpleasant taste from the meat loaf itself. Chicken Meat Loaf (RM 24.80) here comes as minced chicken wrapped with beef bacon and topped with nice spicy capsicum sauce which I truly appreciate.


10.chulo-Chicken Meat Loaf - RM 24.80


Their seafood dishes would be something they could take pride in as I kind of enjoyed all their seafood dishes. Freshness and good timing when cooking showcased the effort of chef so the two was indeed fantastic if not too salty. The first is the Butter Fish Fillet Pan (RM 34.80) served with generous amount of mashed potato or salad, while the fish blends perfectly with the other seafood galore showcasing calamari, prawns and mussels with tomato fondue.


11.chulo-Butter Fish Fillet Pan RM 34.80


The later is subjected to personal preferences. If one did not acquire the preference to softer and mushier texture in food, this is considered bearable as there were semi solid textures from the seafood inside the pan. The lemon brings out the flavour of the seafood, but the saltiness almost killed everything else leaving a numb after taste for those with lower tolerant to brine. This Spanish Seafood Paella fulfill the rice requirement if you must have rice at RM 24.80 alongside an array of seafood mix in it.


12.chulo (78)


To please the ladies, they’ve got quite some selection of dessert which I look forward to adjustments when I revisit again. This Crème Brulee was nothing close to decent to begin with and I don’t recommend this for those who anticipating silky smooth texture. Could be me since I have sky high expectations when it comes to this.


17.chulo (92)


The Bread and Butter Pudding is priced at RM 18.80 and it manage to redeem the reputation as I really fancy the hot meeting cold sensation as well as the slightly toasted burned from the edges and the semi bitter sweet and chewy texture of those semi dried raisins. Another bitter sweet flavour was the Chocolate Tiramisu which I would recommend. Decently fine texture and smooth flavour plus beautiful presentation also priced at RM 18.80 and both of which is more suitable for sharing. Perhaps they should consider a smaller portion for desserts.


13.chulo -Bread and Butter Pudding RM 18.80
14.chulo -Chocolate Tiramisu RM 18.80


This Lava Chocolate here is another hot meets cold dessert that I fancy and this one did not fail to impressed me while I automatically made more space to savour the melting flow of hot lava choco. The vanilla scoop was ordinary and nothing to great to shout about. But enough to compliment the lava. Choco lover would adore this and most people would say yes to this at almost any time.


15.chulo (111)
16.chulo (114)


Most dishes were slightly heavily salted to stand alone but to go with few drinks is absolutely fantastic. The chulo host great food with good ambiance so this is a good place to hang after work. More photos in flickr set here .


Locate them at:
No. 72A Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Email: chulo.restaurant.bar@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChuloRestaurantAndBarAtJayaOne


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