Frankfurt is a beautiful place with a significant number of skyscrapers but that wouldn’t distract me from venturing their food scene. And this time around we taste Frankfurt sausages in Frankfurt itself- sausages at the Hans Wurzt’.




And a quick tips for travelers, a quick way to tour around the city is to get yourself a ‘city sightseeing’ ticket where you can board the bus and it’ll show you the popular landmarks whilst giving a quick tour of famous places around the city.




Here is a quick peek of what’s around. There is the famous Frankfurt Central Station (Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof), which happens to be the busiest railway station in Frankfurt.


16.rankfurt Central Station (Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof) is the busiest railway station in Frankfurt, Germany.[2] In terms of railway traffic, it is the busiest railway station in Germany.


And don’t forget the famous Hammering Man sculptures. The hammering man is a series of monumental kinetic sculptures designed by Jonathan Borofsky and have been installed in various cities around the world, of which the biggest is located in South Korea.


17.Hammering Man is a series of monumental kinetic sculptures designed by Jonathan Borofsky which have been installed in various cities around the world.


Moving on to the food, this chapter reviews the Hans Wurzt’s Frankfurter .


4.@hans wurzt (2)


If you look careful, there is a tiny ladder to reach the bar podium when ordering your sausage. I thought that was pretty thoughtful.


5.@hans wurzt (3)


From the outside, there are few bar tables but people normally grab and go. Although, the seats inside were pretty cozy and comfortable as well.


6.@hans wurzt (16)
7.@hans wurzt (13)
8.@hans wurzt (12)


The work station is neat and clean. And check out the sauces! Nice huh?


9.@hans wurzt (14)
10.@hans wurzt (24)


The sausages of assorted flavours were really huge and there are optional choices for bread as well. The sausage was delicious, not too brine and at the same time having the perfect texture. It was slightly a little too thick but it is a filling meal.


11.@hans wurzt (22)


Eat this with some fries and you can very quickly finish your meal in no time. The fries has got this lovely texture where it is so crispy on the outside you simply just can’t stop eating it. Somewhat similar to those of Wendy’s except this one is a little thicker.


12.@hans wurzt (23)


The Original Frankfurter is served with potato salad with a slice of rye bread or bread roll. The potato salad wasn’t that impressive as it was really mushy and bland. However, the slice of bread was really amazing. It has a very solid texture and amazing taste.


13.Original Frankfurter Wurstchen@ hans wurzt (4)
14.Original Frankfurter Wurstchen@ hans wurzt (3)


Next is the XXL Heimspiel and once again, the fries are amazing. This set comes with one double portion of Currywurzt with homemade curry sauce served with a slice of rye bread or a bread roll, 1 french fries large, mayonnaise or ketchup, 1 soft drink. The thing that’s different from how we normally eat this is that the mayonnaise are not dipped separately but are topped directly to the fries. It was kind of messy if you ask me.


15.XXL Heimspiel@hans wurzt


If not sausages, plan b can be the Original Bayrische Weisswurste, Handelmeiers Senf and Brezel with sweet mustard and pretzel.


18.Original Bayrische Weisswurste@ hans wurzt


And speaking of sizes, checkout the pickled in bottle.


19.@hans wurzt (11)


Hans Wurzt is located at :
Neue Kräme 2, 60311 Frankfurt, Germany
Tel: +49 69 29724322


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