Cookies are lovely and amazing as a treat or snack at anytime of the day. What happens when you can’t bake? Or finding it hard to get it right or maybe just too busy with the usual daily routine? Whatever the reason is, fear not for Teddy is always around all year long. In one of the recent bazaars that I attended, I came to know about this lovely couple where the husband bakes while the lovely wife helps with preparations and sales. These Teddy’s cookies are available in a few flavours and I was fortunate to get to try two of them, of which I absolutely love the Oat Berry. The berry contributes to the moist and chewy texture within the crunch in the mouth popping sized cookies, while the oat balances the sweetness of berry.


Another that I tried was the Original flavour. The texture was not over gritty and this one is a crisp cookie. There were ample chocolate chips in it to put a smile on anyone and there was also a well balanced of coarse crumb with cragginess, you can instantly tell that the right amount of gas bubbles reacted and an even rise in the process of making them. The outcome is this amazing texture although I would prefer a slightly bitterer chocolate chip that is better tempered.




In general, they are still great for any occasions be it celebrations, parties, events, or as gifts during festive seasons.




Locate them in Plaza Damas with the Pop up haven bazaar or alternately, show some support and here is how to order them:


Tel: 012-3838588/ 012-3656761


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