Think Taiwan street snack and the only place that probably comes to everyone’s mind would probably be the Shihlin’ Taiwan Street Snack. Little did we know that it has been 10 years since they arrived on our shore, and since then have been mushrooming perpetually every where all around the country. Celebrating their 10th year (time flies), the launch of a new snack would definitely get the fans going crazy after these irresistibly addictive bites that are really crunchy although slightly greasy to me. Thanks to Ruth from PerutBesi , I attended a quick review at the One Utama outlet. The outlet didn’t have much space but was sufficient and comfy enough to cater since most patrons grab and go.




Deciding to go with Enokitake (enoki) instead of the more commonly used oyster or shitake mushroom would mean a larger ratio of surface area to volume hence a lot crispier when snacking on it. Taste of mushroom did not become distinct until a bit later when masticating. To begin with, these mushroom lack the distinct flavour especially when cooked. For those who don’t chew too long, you might miss the flavour of mushroom. Instead, it will be the aroma and fragrant of the battered coat. Which is why, these little devils are available in an array of flavours.




Like their renowned fried chicken, the use of flavoured powder is used to create flavours to this fried mushroom. Apart from the Original flavour, we also tried the Seaweed flavour which would be inconsistent and very much relying on how the seasoned powder is being sprinkled (the tiny greenish powder on top). Other flavours available would be Kimchi, which I look forward to trying it out when soon, Sour Cream, and Wasabi. Pretty interesting if you ask me, and I do look forward to the sour cream flavour as well. This Crispy Salt Pepper Mushrooms sells at RM 5.50.




The Crispy mushroom was addictive indeed, but the other dishes on the menu still impress me after 10 years. The XXL Crispy Chicken is one of their signatures and I’ve always love the consistency of this huge chicken breast that is super crispy on the outside and super tender, soft and juicily moist on the inside. Selling at RM 6.50, this one is good to go and I must confess the bad habit of me sneaking this into the cinema.




Fan of this chicken can now enjoy it with a bed of fluffy short grain white rice and some Japanese tofu topped with century eggs and sprinkled spring onions at RM 9. Namely the Happy! Rice-Box Set, I would say it would suffice for speedy lunch but not good enough for something wholly. I’d like some vege to go with my rice.




The Oyster Mee Suah (RM6.50) has got to be the champ on the lists of signature dishes whenever thinking of Taiwanese food. Despite being less starchy than the ones in Taiwan, they reign fairly well when compared to many others in town. Whenever thinking of this delicacy, Shihlin definitely pops up for sure. The mixture to create this dish would offer slight sourish flavour which is amazing to open the appetite and while the gravy was thickened with flour, the tip is not to stir too much to prevent it from diluting.




Also amazing is the raw oysters which is super juicy and sweet when bursting in your mouth as you chew. A sensation I absolutely love.




This other snacks available are the Crispy Floss Egg Crepe which can be quite filling for quick snack in between meals. There is a mellow sweetness from the chicken floss but in general is a savoury dish. Selling at RM 6, it is a fair snack which is pretty satisfying.


Crispy Floss Egg Crepe rm6


And lastly, another awesome pack to sneak into cinemas (not that I am encouraging) would be the Sweet Plum Potato Fries at a fair price of RM 4.50. The Tawainese are brilliant when it comes to innovation and when classic meets creativity, we get this remarkable snack. And here, they consistently impress patrons with very fine quality of young sweet potatoes resulting in smoothness on the inside and crunchiness from the light coat of deep fried flour. Sprinkled with plum powder, it was also addictive.


When it comes to beverages, I remembered them selling only V-soy’s soya milk and bottled water then. Now, they have soft canned drinks as well.


Lastly, in conjunction with this celebration, there is the 10th year anniversary collectible card with grand price of RM 20000 and instant win. All throughout November and December 2013, purchase a minimum of RM 10 and entitle yourself to a 10th anniversary collectible card. Ten cards to be launched over 8 weeks and all you have to do is collect all 10 of them to win*.




Locate this outlet at:
LG312A, Lower Ground Floor
One Utama Shopping Centre
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
*refer to their Facebook for contest info


Happy Birthday Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack


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  1. thammelissa

    I like their food! hehe….usually will order the oyster mee suah (MUST), then their fried chicken is nice too…so crispy and not dry, also I like the sweet plum potato fries. Ohh…looks like fried enoki is new on the menu. Would love to try it 🙂

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