Christmas is here again and instead of buying gifts this year, I decided to bake instead. What was initially planned for my friends turned out to be a massive project in the end because mum decided to participate and make more cookies for the entire ‘kampung’. While Christmas is not a very big festive in Malaysia, we manage to keep the Christmas spirits alive and I am feeling blessed to be celebrating it. The tree was beautifully decorated in less than 2 hours with the help of my sis.




Baking was extra fun this year since I made my own cookie cutter (would upload video soon) and had my very own gingy baked. I was not a very big fan of gingerbread cookies but I do love how it came out. I love the butter cookie although the baking time is slightly longer. (recipes up soon)




Mum had so much fun making these scary looking gingy. Yet she said I am obsessed with the gingy. Well, I am not the one slicing the almond to make gingy’s eyes and mouth …




I had to post 72 parcels in 3 days and the lesson I’ve learnt here is to get a rubber stamp ready or you’ll be taking a long time at the post booth. I a really LONG time filling each pos laju forms with names and addresses of myself and the recipient. I do so hope that everyone who received them enjoy the cookies.




Last but not least, may this Christmas be filled with happiness, with lots of joy and warm smiles. And let the coming year find peace, happiness, great health, and harmony within your family. I wish all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




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