Year 2013 was great. Eat lots of good food and meet many great people in 2013, learnt many great stuffs and cooked lotsa dishes. Traveled quite a bit for the sake of food and enjoyed myself in the process. Had some fabulous and horrible moments here and there but I am still thankful and ever grateful for all that came along throughout the year 2013. Well I know I have been taking slightly quite some time to publish my post but the new year resolution next year would be to publish reviews in no more than two weeks. Also the domain for the blog (I think it’s a same resolution I made last year for 2013…must take a good look at myself). Also, I should thank those who helped me so much, and merchants and PR companies who invited Foodeverywhere for all food reviews. Lastly, thank my faithful readers, you guys keep me motivated. Cheers for 2013 and happy 2014.

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