Lim Tian Puan is one of the oldest Chinese Restaurant around in Melaka Town. In 2012, they got themselves a bigger and better space which accommodates almost tem times more than the old one. Located along Jalan Tun Sri Lanang there is no way you could miss the restaurant as there are two LED horses greeting you from by the roadside at the entrance. I have no idea what’s with the horse but I am guessing it might probably be some symbol which represent the restaurant.


Anyways, their dishes are always pretty good for the locals should they decided to eat out. From simple home cook style dishes, to some of those exquisite Chinese dish with expensive ingredients Lim Tian Puan (LTP) serves it all. My Facebook Page has got an entire album of their dishes compilation from the previous visit. Today, we see some of their usual banquet dishes. The Chinese New Year dishes must start with the Lou Sang ritual since it is traditionally believe to bring all the good element as we welcome the new year.


ltp mlk (1)


The usual sharks fin’s soup can be replaced with the Ginseng Chicken Soup where the entire chicken is immersed in a pot enough to be serving about 15 people.


1.ltp mlk (6)


Also in it were a whole lot of other ingredients like ginseng, chinese herbs and spices, and fish maw.


2.ltp mlk (5)


Then there is the famous Nyonya Steam Fish which was great in flavour. It is this fresh fish with tangy sweet and spicy broth which instantly perked up the taste bud and would keep you eating nonstop.


3.ltp mlk (8)
4.ltp mlk (7)


That is followed by my favourite Roasted Suckling Piglet which is heavenly amazing. But, I honestly haven’t tasted any roasted piglet that is not tasty. This dish is a pretty standard dish with not much variant anywhere else because it is pretty much just done by plain roasting, so what could probably go wrong? Served with this is some fresh raw mango slices.


5.ltp mlk (4)


Next, there was this Lotus leaf Rice which is the glutinous rice wrapped individually for more fragrance of the leaf in the rice. Inside each wrap was this aromatic glutinous rice with some shitake mushroom and slices of chinese sausages.


6.ltp mlk (11)
7.ltp mlk (12)


Where are the greens right. I realized it and asked for one and we were generously served with Broccoli that comes with lots of other stuff like fish maw, sea cucumber, oysters, and mushroom. This dish was as good as it looks.


8.ltp mlk (9)


Next I tasted this huge plate of Fresh Prawns which is very much to my liking. The flavour was gorgeous as I could still taste the fresh flavour of prawns with this light coat of flour sprinkled while marinated hence giving exactly the amazing texture for fried prawns if you like chewing the prawn shells.


9.ltp mlk (10)


We were served pudding for dessert but I do not recommend this. This is a corn pudding with essence flavouring, so this might not have been the best way to end the meal.


10.ltp mlk


Restaurant Lim Tian Puan is located at :
251 Jalan Tun Sri Lanang
Tel: 06-282 2737


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