First and foremost, when named Fresh Unique Seafood restaurant, the seafood better be unique or they would definitely receive many critics of the dishes not resembling the name of the restaurant. Good thing the seafood was indeed really fresh and delicious when we tasted it. When entering the restaurant, it is not unusual to see lots and lots of fresh water tanks and aquariums filled with seafood but number of tanks was what amuses me.


18.fresh unique seafood (5)
20.fresh unique seafood (3)


In fact, to make matters worse, this one has got an entire wall filled with stacks of tanks and layers of aquariums with an extensive variety of fishes and seafood. It is pretty scary looking at some of them but I guess this package works for most people into thinking that the seafood must be fresh. That might not have been necessary most of the time but it works for most typical seafood restaurant.


21.fresh unique seafood (10)


Here in the Fresh Unique Seafood restaurant, the dishes are hardly suitable for small crowd. You can’t quite order your dishes without having leftovers for small crowd. Fortunately there were many people today and mostly are big eaters. Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, the meal started with none other than the Salmon Yee Sang at Rm 48. Enjoy thick and big pieces of fresh sashimi slices with the rest of the tasty crunchy bites and sweet tangy sauce.


1.salmon yee sang R M48@ fresh unique seafood (25)
2.salmon yee sang R M48@ fresh unique seafood (26)
3.salmon yee sang R M48@ fresh unique seafood (34)


Next is the half dozen of fresh oysters baked with cheese and pricing at R M54. I thought it was a little pricy for that size but no doubt it was delicious. There were nothing really unique so far but it was inevitably freshly delicious.


4.oyster Rm 54 @fresh unique seafood (41)


Followed by the big tiger prawns that were really huge, prepared and served in two cooking methods. The first is very short of seasoning. That way, one gets to enjoy the authentic flavour of shrimps. While the second one comes with a little more flavours mainly from the coated flour and petai. Mildly spicy and sweet at the same time, the exotic strong and cream pungent flavour from the petai combines rather well with the prawns. Prawns are priced RM98 per kg.


5.salmon yee sang R M48@ fresh unique seafood (27)
6.tiger prawn rm 117.@ fresh unique seafood (58)


And there is the enormously huge Kepah in simple ginger and spring onion stir fried (RM 35 per kg). They added a bit of corn starch to the dish to make the gravy a bit gooey and sticky. Some people might not like that but I thought they were fine.


7.kepah RM 70 @ fresh unique seafood (30)


The meal doesn’t seem right with no vegetable but the Fried Kailan in two variety was does not make the meal any better for it was really obvious that vegetables are not their forte.


8.fried kailan in 2 variety RM 30@ fresh unique seafood (51)


The vegetable didn’t turn out very impressive but the Mapo Tofu was great in many ways. I am always a sucker when it comes to tofu. So I really like this dish a lot.


9.mah poh bean curd RM 15 @ fresh unique seafood (65)


One thing I noticed is that they are not very good with anything deep fried. The red snapper fish and those fried sotong just couldn’t make it to my standards. And they aren’t sky high. Both were kind of over fried a little so it is somewhat a little dry. Red snapper sells at RM 80 per kg while the sotong sells at RM 28.


10.scallop red snapper RM 96@ fresh unique seafood (47)
11.sotong RM 28 @ fresh unique seafood (57)


Finally, the star of the day and the ultimate purpose of this visit- the spider crab, of which it was priced at RM 1013.20. That is RM 298 per kilogram. So you can roughly imagine the size of the crab. Or maybe I give you a photo of the crab’s body.


12.fresh unique seafood (67)


The crab was prepared in two ways as well, one was flour coated and deep fried, and this one was obviously a lot sweeter. The other was cooked in rich flavoured consommé. I absolutely love the later as the flesh is slightly softer and smoother but yet still bouncy solid and not mushy in texture. The natural sweetness however, lack a little when compared to the first. Logically, some of the sweetness would have gone to the liquid already.


13.spider crab RM 1013.20 @fresh unique seafood (63)
14.spider crab RM 1013.20 @fresh unique seafood (60)
15.spider crab RM 1013.20 @fresh unique seafood (61)


Lastly, like many other Chinese restaurants, desserts are served with sweet syrup fruits and ice. This one is longan and refreshing sea coconut with lots of ice. A little dulcified if you ask me, but if let it stayed a little longer in those ice, should be better.


16.fresh unique seafood (71)


Wine lovers would be happy to know that there is quite an extensive of varieties here.


17.fresh unique seafood (14)


Restaurant Fresh Unique Seafood 23 is located at:
Lot 98-3, Jalan Kemajuan Section 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7960 2099/016-2104266
GPS: 3.114462,101.642288


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