With culture and tradition in culinary and food, there is so much we can tell from the food and dishes we eat. In Koufu Trendy Chinese Cuisine, authenticity in Fuzhou cuisine is their forte and this is the place to either indulge or challenge your taste bud with the some distinctive unique flavour of Fuzhou. Located at the One City Mall in Usj, the restaurant firmly warrants a good dining ambiance and an absolutely pleasurable experience when it comes to the wholesome and homely dishes. Inside, the restaurant promises coziness while natural light radiates joy and happiness when dining at their outdoor settings.


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Fuzhou is a huge city in China where it marked many historical phenomenons taking back from as early as before the time of Qin Dynasties itself. Having distinct cuisine since then, the Fuzhou cuisine is one of the traditional Chinese regional cuisines with much emphasis on flavours and the clever use of ingredients. I have very limited knowledge to the Fuzhou cuisine and the closest I get is the occasional red wine mee suah from my ex-landlady (ST). Being a Fuzhou herself, she often relates their dishes to her hometown in Setiawan. Somehow gives me the idea that Fuzhou dishes are only in Setiawan itself.


I have tried some from here and there in hawker stalls around Klang Valley but none is good enough to fulfill the satisfaction if one is craving for Fuzhou dishes. Here in Koufu Trendy Cuisine, a taste of Fuzhou dish that would instantly tie and bring back memories of Setiawan for most people since their ingredients are authentically from Setiawan. Merryn is one of them and I must really thank her for introducing me to this restaurant. The unique flavour in each dish was intriguingly exciting and captivating. Starting with one that I am familiar with, the Koufu red wine noodle(RM 16.90) promises a velvet smoothness in texture and shows off the intense flavour of their red wine while treating us with ‘kampung’ chicken and boiled egg.


3.koufu usj -Koufu red wine noodle RM 16.90 (1)


Another noodle with silky smoothness sensation in the mouth is the Koufu Long Yen Noodle (RM 8.90). The noodles are sliced dough of flour with soft chewy texture while swimming in flavourful thick broth-like soup as well as a mix ingredients of fish cakes, vegetables, mushrooms and more. Both the texture of noodle and soup is superb combination as a comfort meal.


4.koufu-Koufu Long Yen Noodle RM 8.90 (1)


Next is the Lu Mien and this one is slightly subjected to personal liking since some might not agree with the blend of bamboo shoots in it. In fact, for bamboo shoot lovers (yours truly is one of them), you’ll find the aroma of bamboo shoot didn’t quite appeal amongst the many other ingredients in it. Alas, the noodles are awesome. It was handmade and cooked at the right timing to please the sensation when enjoying the texture of the noodle.


5.koufu -Koufu Lu Mien mix with Laksa


The fond to their house noodle grew even stronger after the Fried Meat Wantan Dried Noodles (RM8.90). I love the texture very much and very similar to wan tan mee at the first look, it’s served with a nice bowl of smooth wanton and soup. But unlike the usual wantan mee, the pork slices here are thicker and more generous in quantity although slightly tough in texture.


6.koufu usj -Fried Meat Wantan Dried Noodles (4)


If you are never a wantan soup lover, things would turn around after tasting the Wantan Laksa Soup. It is an absolute new experience you can’t really imagine the bursting flavour when some of the soup is to go with the soft and tasty wanton. I’ll surely return just for this.


7.koufu usj -Wantan Laksa Soup (S) 5.90 (B) 9.90


And then there is this braised noodles in dark sauce with some decent fish cakes and vegetable which somewhat reminds me of hokkien mee. This Koufu Dried Noodle will be a safer choice for anyone not too inclining to authentic Fuzhou flavours.


8.koufu -Koufu Dried Noodles (1)


Meat lovers must not miss the Koufu Deep Fried Meat and these slices of deep fried pork slices are good on its own even without the tantalizing chili dip. The slices were so fantastically deep fried and the crunchy textures from the fatter layers were not relenting in any bit. Leaner parts were juicy and the crispy coat contributes to the aroma.


9.koufu -Koufu Deep Fried Meat (1)


One more dish for communal eating is their new item on the menu, the Fuzhou Pork and although the vivid red appears slightly artificial, it was the red wine that gave this intensity of red to the meat.


10.koufu-Fuzhou Pork


Also great for sharing would be the famous Setiawan Kong Piang. Served fresh from oven, this is a savoury biscuit pastry with pork as filling and lovely crust with great sesame aroma. Double the exciment when eating with the chili dip and I absolutely love this one. I am thinking of trying this out at home. Well if it is a success then you’ll see me posting the recipe. LOL.


11.koufu -Koufu Kong Piang (2)


Lastly, there is something perfect for our weather in Malaysia or after meal as dessert. Ten treasures in a bowl with so much fun to pick them and enjoy the flavour of each distinctively or simply wallop them to experience the mix of each flavour and texture. I love the popping effect from the basil seeds, flavours from jelly, sweet potatoes, barley, longan and texture of pearls, cin cau and more.


12.koufu-Koufu Tang Shui (3)


The Koufu Trendy Chinese Cuisine is located at the One City Mall in USJ, and note to all; locating it with garmin is almost useless. The rest swiftly arrived with no problem navigating through waze.


B-11-GF, Garden Shoppe,
One City, Jalan USJ 25/1A,
47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-5115 0001/012-393 5092
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/youkoufu
GPS: 3.021405, 101.579719


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