World famous pork rib smoldered in secret homemade sauces join the parade in welcoming the Year of Horse in 2014. The Chicago Rib House strike the Porkalicious Luck Sets with special menu created for the auspicious celebration.


Specially created to serve the royalty, there is the refreshingly cool concoction made with green apple, cranberry syrup, cranberry juice, soda water and lightly spiced with cinnamon powder; the Jade Empress. Selling at RM 23.80 per jug, toasting can never be any more exciting.


1.chicago rib -Jade Empress (1)


And to usher all the good luck, joy, happiness and everything auspicious and good, we must have some Yee Sang.


2.chicago rib -Yee Sang (4)


Don’t be shy to go real high, the higher the better. Shredded mango, carrots, red cabbage, white radish, cucumber, spring onion, and more served with Chicago Rib House’s specially made in house plum sauce which perfectly matches for abundance of goodness and flavour and taste.


3.chicago rib -Yee Sang (10)


Then get a whole bunch of variety from their Signature Platter with amazing sharing portion of spare ribs, pork sausages, grilled fresh water prawns, grilled mussels, vegetable sticks and the delicious cheese dips. The dip was addictively awesome to go with fresh celery sticks and while we question the freshness of the ingredients, the mix of variety compensates and brought much happiness to us when dining in a group. A sharing platter that will bring lots of joy to everyone.


4.chicago rib -Signature Platter (6)
5.chicago rib -Signature Platter (3)


And something with an Asian twist with Asian inspired sweer sauce, made with passion fruit, spices and wine for a wonderfully tender finishing is the CNY Braised Pork Belly.


6.chicago rib -Braised Pork Belly (1)


Braised for hours with by the masters at the Chicago Rib House, anyone with a love for those belly layers would go head over heels and the sinful guilt was powerless to stop any of us from walloping the plump piece of meat.


7.chicago rib -Braised Pork Belly


For maximum satisfaction, add on their Baby Back Ribs and pick 2 sides from the array of side choices to go with this char grilled ribs.


8.chicago rib -Baby back Ribs (10)


Satisfy your carbs crave with rice, fries, mashed potatoes and baked potatoes or balance the meal with vegetable like coleslaw and golden corns.


9.chicago rib -Baby back Ribs (8)
10.chicago rib -Baby back Ribs (2)


The battered fries alone is worthy of much appraisal. It makes a great pub grub when having a drink or two.


12.chicago rib -Baby back Ribs (11)


The ribs was perfectly grilled to make one forget about manners and make a mess and be excused for having bits stuck between your teeth . It was tender, moist, sweet, and nicely coated with the essential flavour from the plum sauce.


13.chicago rib -Baby back Ribs (3)


The ribs would tear with no extra effort and this is when we unleashed the cannibalistic and polished each rib right to the core of it.


14.chicago rib -Baby back Ribs (14)


And for the ultimate score to indulge in this celebration this season, there is the Drunken Prawn(RM 68.80), steamed with white wine and flambé with brandy. It is nice to see the flame but I’d certainly hope for fresher prawn with firmer texture with a heavier dose of alcohol in it.


15.chicago rib -Drunken Tiger Prawns (6)
16.chicago rib -Drunken Tiger Prawns (1)


The Porkalicious Joy Luck sets are available from the 18th Jan to 14th Feb 2014 and prices range from RM 88.80 (2pax) to RM 168.80 (4pax). Signature platter is also available for individual order from 9th Jan and is priced at RM 39.90.


17.chicago rib


Chicago Rib House is located at :
1 Utama. Lot F346, First Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre, 1 Persiaran Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-7727 3210. Fax: 03-7722 5610


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