Shopping online is nothing too new to many but shopping for fresh seafood was first for me. On top of extreme convenience, extreme freshness is a guarantee. Sounds too good but it is the truth. This Chinese New Year, let the Seafoodmart bring the freshest seafood possible right to your doorstep from Pulau Ketam. Anything fresher would require one to cook right after harvesting from sea.


The website has a simple layout with gallery of photos of the common and usually available seafood. Anything not shown is available upon request but would need some time depending on the catch of the day.




Each details and specifications are significantly accurate. Whatever you pick would be in the shopping cart and proceeding to checking out and viola, fresh seafood is on the way to your doorstep. Payment online is via paypal, visa, master or American express are accepted and of course you are comfortable to pay upon delivery, you may do so.




Few of us tried ordering and got them delivered and we tried the seafood at the City Star Restaurant in Taman Mayang. All ordered items were freshly packed and delivered and cooking was handled by the restaurant.


6.seafood city star seafood (31)


The restaurant takes up two shop lots and caters to local and nearby patrons and availability of parking bay was not an issue for us. Half of the restaurant was air conditioned and while they could use a little upgrading or better maintenance, the dishes were delicious.


7.seafood city star seafood (32)


Starting with the Vietnamese Stir Fried, this simple stir fried incorporating many distinct ingredients creates a mouth watering coat to the amazingly huge and fresh red prawns. Fresh prawns are the key to this amazing dish. Huge so every bite was contented in satisfaction while the meat bounces effortlessly between the maxilla and mandible. This was very deliciously coated with the most interesting flavour to warrant a second visit.


8.seafood city star seafood -vietnamese style prawn (3)
13.seafood city star seafood -vietnamese style prawn


Kam Heong basically translates to “golden fragrant” and it literally describes the aroma imparted during the cooking process. Too bad this Kam Heong Bamboo Clams were slightly overcooked or the overwhelming size would be overly joyful to consume. The delicious flavour was the unrelenting drive to keep polishing every bit of the clam shells.


9.seafood city star seafood (12)


In contrary to the spicy Kam Heong, the Steamed bamboo clams with minced garlic and ginger was delectable savoury sweet with natural freshness to win my heart. I love this one very much. Because the sizes of clams were so huge, satisfaction is at paramount when detaching the shell with very little effort.


10.seafood city star seafood (20)


Also lovely is the steamed grouper. This huge fish was heavenly plump and had the amazing firm texture along with the natural freshness of the fish. Being fresh is one thing, and skillfully timed to steam this to perfection is another. I love the eating it with the garnished parsley. It is amazing how freshness of ingredients becomes the ultimate key to great taste when it comes to seafood. This Steam Fish may look ordinary but was in fact ambrosial.


11.seafood city star seafood -steamfish (2)


While the seafood dishes were presented so grandly, the restaurant also showed off other signature dishes and one of which was the Golden Coin. The golden coin is a homemade tofu deep fried and topped with garnishes like shallots, and chopped spring onions with gravy for moist. This one is a good and decent dish for communal eating but I thought the skin was a little thick and hard especially when the dish turned cold.


12.seafood city star seafood-golden coin tofu (1)


And balancing the meal with some meat, we had the Double Taste where two cooking style was presented on a single plate and separated by a crunchy deep fried pohpiah skin shaped as a bowl. In it was my favourite butter milk style and the amount of curry leaves really compliments it well.


14.seafood city star seafood -dual taste
15.seafood city star seafood -dual taste (2)


Lastly the Local Spinach stir fried with garlic and cooked with stock for a flavourful soup with egg for the extra smoothness. I must admit that I am a little phobic to order this whenever eating out because restaurants hardly clean them well and biting into lumps of soil isn’t really a very pleasant experience. But, this one gets my approval.


16.seafood city star seafood -local spinach


The dishes were overall decent and despite being a little old and rundown, it is still comfortable accommodating to lunch and dinner crowds. I highly recommend restaurants to stock in fresh seafood since it is not impossible to ensure freshness at maximum level. The website is not rocket science but the older generation may prefer ordering through phone. Either way, having fresh seafood delivered from Pulau Ketam right to your doorstep is awesome.


The prices of seafood are as follow:
Dragon tiger grouper RM60 per kg
Bamboo clams RM 18 per kg
Big red prawn XL RM 81.20 per kg (prices will reduce after the Chinese New Year)
For other varieties of seafood, start shopping at .
Tel:011-123-08480/ 03-77250793


City Star Seafood Restaurant is located at Taman Bukit Mayang Emas:
No 8-10, Jalan BM1/2,
Taman Bukit Mayang Emas,
47301 PJ, Selangor
11am – 2.30pm & 5pm – 11pm
GPS Coordinate: 3.124964,101.595919


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