Happy Chinese New Year 2014 to all readers. I just had my reunion dinner and before that, I make it a point to bake some kuih for my family in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration. It is not a custom for my family but just for the sake of it, I thought it would be extra fun to have more kuih and cookies when everyone is busy visiting one another during this festive season. Since everything was really last minute today, I did not bake a lot but this recipe that I am sharing today is sufficient for guests and relatives.


Many would have known by now that I have a Peranakan Nyonya mother who is a genius when it comes to cooking and baking. Here is the Nyonya Kuih Bangkit recipe that is very much still appreciated by the old and young generation.


1.1 kg Sago flour (stir fried with 20g pandan leaves and set to cool before using)
300ml thick coconut milk (extracted from 2 coconuts)
400g castor sugar
3 egg yolks
4 whole eggs (make sure to exclude the thin albumen (watery egg white)


Beat egg and castor sugar at high speed till fluffy for about 40 mins. This is important for biscuit to be crunchy later. Note if using medium egg, use 4 yolks and 4 whole eggs.




Add coconut milk; make sure to let it rest and set and that there is no sediment. I bought the freshly shredded coconut and strain the milk with a cheesecloth and sieve before letting it rest and set.




We would need a minimum 300ml. A slight extra of 100ml is alright if you don’t know what else to do with the extra coconut milk. Slightly beat in the coconut milk before gradually adding it into the sago flour and continue mixing for several minutes with a stirrer. Make sure the dough is covered air tight while shaping the kuih.




When molding the kuih use the remaining 100g of flour to sprinkle every now and then to prevent it from sticking to the mold.




Preheat oven at 170 degree for 15 mins and bake it at 170 degree for 20mins.




This kuih can last more than a week if packed air tight. It is a very simple recipe but tedious when it comes to molding the kuih. I hope you all would enjoy baking them. I would be serving them tomorrow and probably bake some more if I have time. This holiday is great so far so have a good night and have a great Chinese New Year ahead. May all good things usher in with the speed of horse for all.


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