I can’t really recall since when pizzas comes in so much varieties and from where we come from, the mix of culture defines the amount of mix fusions in recipes. Here at the Pizza Gallery is where a showcase of a range of pizza varieties and more is passionately made and served to impress dinners.


Located along Coffee Society near a steep corner, one would easily miss it when driving passed it. With a very neat and spacious décor, it offers both indoor and outdoor seating with vibrant red and colourful wall paper to turn on happy mode when dining at the restaurant.




Starters and appetisers were all decent for sharing and one which warrants an order when I return would be their Signature Chicken Wings (RM 15.90). It has really thick layer of crusty bread crumbs with generous BBQ sauce.


2.pizza gallery -Signature Chicken Wings RM15.90


Like any regular pizza place, Soup of the day (RM4.90)would always be on the menu. This one is no exception. The soup didn’t quite impress me but was palatable and comforting as starter. The Caesar Salad (RM8.90) had nothing to shout about but the freshness was notable.




Another interesting dish that is great for communal eating is the Cheese Bread (RM6.90) and this was served in pieces of 4. It was simple yet classically easily acceptable for majority pizza lovers. The mayonnaise beneath the cheese adds to the smoothness on top of crunch from the toast.


4.pizza gallery -Cheese Bread RM 6.90


Next to explore would be their pizza gallery. This gallery showcased an impressive range of pizza; both classic and fusion. Starting with the Beef Pepperoni Pizza (RM 22.90) on thin crust, with generous amount of toppings that blends in well with the thickness of the crust itself. The pizza holds firmly without falling in to pieces when pulling the slices. Thumbs up for that. Then fan of Island Seafood Pizza (RM27.90) should be happy to know that this one here was good and satisfying thanks to the generous toppings. Every bite had something in it.


5.pizza gallery -Beef Pepperoni RM 22.90
6.pizza gallery -Island Seafood RM 27.90


The thin crust was great but for something a little more filling and satisfying, order their classic crust. A pan crust freshly made upon ordering, and topped with desired choices of pizza.


14.pizza gallery (46)


The Sweet and Sour Pizza(RM 24.90) is the house pizza, our usual version of Hawaiian pizza. Pineapple adds to juicy and tangy sweet sensation, making this an absolute favourite for everyone. Nice crust to accommodate some tuna flakes, pineapple, lime sauce and mozzarella to promise joy when eating it.


7.pizza gallery -Sweet and Sour Lover RM 24.90 (2)


For something a little out of the ordinary, try the Satay Delight (RM 25.90). Think satay chunks, onion, cucumber and cheese, on top of thin dough of bread that is thick enough to nicely hold the toppings, and garnished with chili and cucumber. Using satay sauce instead of tomato paste beneath the cheese and toppings, it is interesting to have to decide if this is satay or pizza.


8.pizza gallery -Satay Delight RM 25.90 (3)


And the star of the day would be the Tom Yum Special at Rm 29.90 each. I love the spices on this the sensation of spike spicy that roamed before masked by cheese flavour in the topping. It was probably one of the spiciest pizzas I have ever had so far. The toppings were awesome generous with tom yum sauce, squid, prawn, crabstick, onion, garnishing with cilantro and kaffir lime leaves and mozzarella to impress any pizza lovers.


9.pizza gallery -Tom Yum Special RM 29.90 (1)


If that hadn’t gotten your attention, be sure to order the TomYum Spaghetti (RM 15.90). The flavour nicely coating each strand of spaghetti and I must say that most people would find this a little spicy. I though the pasta was a little over cooked but like the spiciness, it is subjected to personal preferences.


10.pizza gallery 10.-Tom Yum Spaghetti RM15.90 (1)


If chili is not your thing, let’s go with something simpler like the Spaghetti Seafood (RM 15.90). It was creamy but not relenting, thanks to the seafood and some cherry tomato and olives. Also appropriate for solo dinners would be the Aglio Olio (RM 10.90). I would be madly in love in this if it weren’t because of the soft and overcooked pasta.


11.pizza gallery -Spaghetti Seafood RM 15.90
12.pizza gallery -Aglio Olio RM10.90 (1)


The Cheese Macaroni (RM12.90) was heartwarming and pleasant to eat. I’d like mine a little thicker and creamier but I assure you this is great for kids.


13.pizza gallery -Cheese Maxcaroni RM12.90 (1)


And lastly, a great deal for all; selling at RM 12.90, you get a huge Chicken Burger with a fresh leaf, tomato slices, cheese, fried egg and a good piece of chicken fillet and served with crinkle cut fries. This one is seriously a good portion for sharing.


15.pizza gallery-Chicken Burger RM12.90 (4)


Drinks in this restaurant are simple; common soft drinks and fresh fruit juice in the range of RM 4.90-RM 7.90. Gourmet coffees are available with reasonable price range between RM5.90 and RM 6.90.




Take note that buffet menu is available at RM 25 per pax and I think big eaters should really drop by for this deal. There is a whole range of signature dishes along with beverage.


17.pizza gallery (48)


All pizzas comes in 12’’ but special options are available at RM12.90 for any personal 6’’ pizza. Any additional toppings or cheese would be an addition of RM 3 respectively. For any types of private functions, birthday parties and corporate lunches, call or email and the venue would be a great one for pizza and more.


18.pizza gallery


The Pizza Gallery is located at:
Lot D5-G3-02, Publika,
Solaris Dutamas, No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Kuala Lumpur 50480
Tel: 03-62078111/0364190232
GPS: 3.171416,101.667571
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PizzaGalleryPublika


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