Eat all you want but remain healthy at all time. Being in love with food is no crime so long as staying healthy and fit retains as first criteria. Food bloggers eat to review and if eating carelessly would be bad for health in a long run.


So when making my own food at home, I make sure they are as clean as possible. Assembling the culinary and eating habits together and getting the best of both is the best way to balance food and healthy lifestyle.


Top 5 ways to cook healthier at home:


1. Clean oil when cooking (eg. Vegetable oil instead of animal oil)
2. Reducing fats
3. Choose steaming and boiling over frying
4. Use lemon to replace vinegar (vinegar is acidic)
5. Avoid processed food


It’s no doubt that food is a topic of endless discussion. It’s an essential but at the same time a source of great enjoyment. We are what we eat so while deciding which food to eat and how to prepare them, the choices should do more than just pleasing the taste buds. It also affects our health.


salad at home (1)


While I eat and review, I try to keep things real simple whenever eating at home. Salad is the simplest for lunch or dinner. And breakfast, I like my cereal with fruits and plain yogurt.


papaya yogurt


Also, food bloggers gets a lot of unwanted calories. There is no other option but to also indulge in activities that’ll burn the extra calories. If you have a gym and workout routine, then that is fantastic. But if you don’t, simple daily routines with Neubodi’s new range of sports wears.


1. neubodi


If you follow my twitter , you probably figured my #28daysFIXChallengewith Neubodi . I am loving it so far, and wearing it when dancing and on any regular occasions. Super perfect for my stretching and warming up.




Note: I am looking forward to reduce some inches on my thigh. Keep reading and I’ll keep you posted with my progress from time to time.


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