Embrace yourself and be prepared to be spoilt and pampered with the great range of assortment of varieties ranging from sweet to savoury on top of indulgence in freshness at its top notch. The Amore is strategically located near the opening of Jonker Street hence allowing easy pull over to quickly hop in to grab that freshly baked pastries for that lovely afternoon break. But when not rushing, I recommend a stroll and let the attentive staffs serve you whilst recommending what is best on their list and aid you in getting the right pasty of your choice.


The shop is perpetually filled with amazing aroma wafting in the air from the continuous baking from their oven in a semi open kitchen. Cleanliness is obviously amazing and promising to turn on the appetite, urging a compulsive advocating act to want to purchase and eat everything it is that is available.


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Best seller might have been their Siewpao (BBQ chicken bun) not to mention the convenient box as packaging when buying in bigger quantities. They have few flavours to select but authentic ones are really sufficient to taste the best of this pasty bun. The assortment takes credit when it comes to variability simply to satisfy the ‘tam chiak-ness’.


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The pastry in this place is really amazing especially the texture and the right thickness to compliment the amount of fillings when it comes to the siewpao. Their fillings are obviously savoury but slightly skewed to excessive sweetness if you ask me. Flaky and loose on top of fresh crisp, its incomparable mix of ingredients come through in a fresh pure burst when biting into it. The moist of its fillings within the bun was delectably balancing the brittle crust.


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Also awesome is their Tambun pia. These tiny devils of bite sizes are stuffed fully with luscious flavours of rich fillings and fine textures to match and compliment the skin. I love the conventional fragrant green bean paste with a touch of lard, but these ones here would knock anyone down with feather. They come in assortment of flavours of which Shrimp really astonished my palate. It resembles the chili prawn floss with a more solid texture, so I thought it was a rather bold innovation.


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Also to try out is their freshly baked tarts. Pastry was impressive and the fillings delicious with a matching texture from the both. Durian fans can expect something extraordinary out of conventional tarts and although I have never fancied durian, it was nonetheless intriguing.


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It is hard to not relate sweet to confectioneries so what I really looked forward did not fail to impress me. The Hiu Piah was delicious especially when super fresh. I had mine straight out from the oven and it certainly smelled fantastic and tasted terrific. The filling was incredibly fresh and gooey, not overwhelming when it comes to sweetness and balanced off with flaky pasty.


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Amore Bakery House also makes a great place for gifts and souvenirs. To be honest, the variety and quality is amazing but it is a shame that these confectioneries simply couldn’t make it to be the icon of Melaka like how Him Heang managed to associate and tie a reputation for themselves with the Penang state.


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Amore Bakery have a couple of outlets in Melaka, one of which is strategically located at:


130, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka
GPS: 2.197521,102.245791
No.181 ,Jalan Merdeka ,Taman Melaka Raya ,75200 Melaka
GPS: 2.188393, 102.254820
Tel: 012-319 2463
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amore


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