Happy Friday fellow foodies! This entire month of February has been all about redemption since I botched eating habit from during the festive season and probably even way before the festive with all the CNY food reviews. If you have been following me on twitter, you probably figured my #28daysFIXChallenge with the #Neubodi’s latest product. Together with the Moving Comfort, a collaboration of Neubodi’s sportswear is now here to create quality with amazing abilities to aid and motivate staying healthy and beautiful.




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Here are some updates on this challenge. Neubodi Active Flexi Bra gives a great support and is great for any sports. In my case, I only when I dance. The Neubodi Active Haute Slim Capri is what I put on daily in any suitable occasion if not when I am doing my stretch. They are good when doing house chaos and the sweat beneath the pants makes me feel super good every time I remove them. Washing was easy with mild detergent and delicate wash.


Feeling guilty over the excess weight gained during the festive season is a redundant if nothing is to be done about it. Ever since committing to this challenge, I am now feeling better whenever I put on the Neubodi Active Haute Slim Capri. Designed in such to fit and slim the entire waist, hips, buttocks and thighs, the form-fitting pants keep the muscles warm effectively while increasing the metabolic rate to aid calories burning for some weight lost.


The secret to that is the Neubodi’s lightweight, waterproof insulator with neoprene-heating technology that’ll heat the temperature. When I first put it on, an instant warm was noticeable and by the time I warm up for my dance sessions, I could feel the heat and that burning sensation already.


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The Neubodi Active Flexi Bra comes in three collection (secure, stabilize, control) and is a fantastic support in all my dance sessions. The pants are amazing when I can wear them both sided, not to mention how stretchable and comfortable to move about in it. Somehow it keeps me motivated and I sometimes keep them on after my dance and it feels great to be able to sweat a bit more. I do hope that it is available in more colour choices.




At the meantime, the overwhelming food reviews from prior to CNY festive also called for a need of clean eating so lots of fruits and vegetables at least one meal a day. Sounds perfect when I put it like that. Alas, I didn’t get to stick to this routine (yet, I hope) but my thigh now measures half inch lesser. 😀 Brava neubodi!! One thing for sure, I am not looking at any other slimming pants from now on for sure.


The Moving Comfort for Neubodi Active collection ranges from RM149 – RM179. Officially launching today, it’ll be available in store at all Neubodi outlet. For more information on Neubodi:


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