Chicken rice is no longer eccentric to most of us. As a matter of fact, this is a local delicacy so simple and delicious to enjoy or savour depending on how you like it. In Malaysia, the chicken rice somewhat have their disparity and mostly varies amongst states and origin. Some would serve with roasted or barbeque pork while the rest would go with bean sprout or braised eggs and tofu.


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The Sang Kee Chicken Rice (not to be confused with Sing Kee Chicken rice ) serves chicken rice with optional steamed or roasted chicken. Also common here is the add on dish, Kai Choy (sour Chinese Mustard). The Kai Choi was perfectly appetizingly while the sourness tantalizes the taste bud. The leaves were nothing too close to mushy giving the right texture to this dish.


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The chicken was fresh when I had it but was rather bland when it comes to the flavours. As much as the chicken rice chili sauce would bring out the flavour of the chicken, the chili sauce itself was slightly diluted but healthier with lesser chicken oil in it. Chicken livers and gizzards are available and they were cooked nicely to the perfect texture the way I like it.


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The rice really came out short on both the texture and flavour. It was hard, almost close to unpleasant when gnawing. The aroma and fragrant was far from stunning as opposed to most chicken rice stall that is relatively good.


The shop retains their neighboring customers while keeping them returning with the affordable price. Alas, it was nothing close to getting anyone returning for more.


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Sang Kee Chicken Rice is located at:
1-33 Jalan 1/125d, Taman Desa Petaling,
57100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.082966,101.705047


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