With some chandeliers and wall lights at different nook, I reckon after sunset would emerge to deliver a romantic and relaxing experience. Lunch seating are treated to luxurious feeling of trace sunlight while the spacious greeting strikes suspense while building an elegant welcome to this delicate classic contemporary refurbishment. Adding a dash of character is their parquet flooring, painting on walls along with beautiful colours of flowers on each table to contrast and compliment the otherwise dull and ordinary space.




The main focal points earning this restaurant its reputation: the exquisite menu guidance under Chef Franck Lamache, and evidently the tranquility of black and white themed décor at the dining room which allows dinners to focus on the haute cuisine while each dish is brilliantly crafted beautifully not only for visual impact, but a contrast and complimentary flavours to also impress the palate.




The minute starter was served on the table, I was instantly loving the butter and nibbling on it was a joy and very laid back all thanks to the comfort of ambiance.




Starting the gastronomy journey which promises total palate and sensory immersion was Frog Legs and Red Tuna Salad with fine and young leafs like rocket and fine slices of bell pepper. Also with the tangy fresh drizzles, its incomparable flavour comes through a fresh pure burst and complimenting it were the good slices of tuna sprinkled with salt to enhance the flavour.




Next was the Landaise Salad with Smoked Duck Breast and French Green Beanwith lean smoked duck slices beautifully placed on a bed of greens and the French bean absolutely contrast some texture to this dish. A tasty and classic salad with flavours from France and the ultimate key to this salad is inevitably the quality of the ingredients. It has a good balance of flavour from the dressing and the smoked duck.




Preponderance of exclusive ingredients often comes to mind when it comes to fine dine, but chef took a more democratic approach when it comes to the main. Serving Roasted Free Range Chicken, it was beautifully plated with lovely colour distinction of purple cabbage and green zucchini. However the texture of the chicken lacked the strength to complement the beautiful aroma of thyme but cabbage with rich buttery flavour and zucchini retains the savour worthy of a prize winning cut. On top of that, I also really fancy the mashed eggplants.




Conclude it with Dessert Platter, I’d say his desserts are as nuanced as everything else. An expected stellar part of the meal as the closure was definitely the flowing chocolate and essentially being fine and moist and whole mouthful was just meltingly delicious, as it was no doubt scrupulously implemented to charm our palate. And as a fan of pudding, the texture of the heart shape in shade of pink and red Vanilla and Raspberry Cake was divinely an ambrosial treat.


12 . choco DSC04990
The mini savarin topped with chantilly cream was absolutely adorable in size but underwhelming with the saturation of liquor. Matching this size to the platter was appropriate but I would love the Chantilly cream on top to be a little sweeter and heavier on the vanilla.
14.mini savarin-


Sealing the deal before the tea was one of the most satisfying moment at that very moment. And although not being able to thank the Chef personally, I must express approbation as I am much pleased with the meal, ambiance and the attentive service of the entire crew in Maison Francaise. A sip of tea was soothing, along with the background music on top of a good company. Thank LiChuen for accompanying me.




Maison has been impressing gourmands with their exquisite menu for a while now but still discreetly astonishing dinners with meticulous execution in each menu. Next, I’ll find time for a bit of sip and nibble at Maison’s brunch menu. Looking at their brunch current brunch menu, I’m thinking enjoying few flutes of wine and champagne, accompanied by a tapestry of fine cheeses sounds like my kind of lazy afternoon. This’ll be the sort of place you’d want to reserve in advance, and then anticipate to savouring the moment when it comes. Thank Umei from ccfoodtravel for hooking this up and thank Sainy Chun (owner of Maison Francraise) for this lovely meal. Maison is located at:


No.5 Changkat Kia Peng
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2144 1474/ 019 243 1200
GPS: 3.151343, 101.715989
Email: info@maisonfrancaise.com.my
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maisonfrancaisekl


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