Hearty Mushroom Soup (RM 10) comes in loads of fresh mushrooms cooked to perfection with porcini oil. Aroma and goodness of mushroom in every sip with the right texture which goes beautifully with the slice of toasted garlic bread. Another homemade soup is the Salmon Chowder (RM 10) with salmon bites served in this creamy soup of salmon complemented with carrots and celery. It might have fallen short a bit on the richness but suffice as contentment when served hot.


tokyo pastry avenue k (33)


Speaking of salmon, salmon lovers should know that Tokyo Pastry also serve quite a few salmon dishes of which one did charmed us with gravlax salmon with refreshing mango lime salsa. Incorporating Nordic dish in this beautifully plated Salmon Salad (RM 15) with the tangy mango is a clever choice but hopefully cured salmon would be more consistent.


tokyo pastry avenue k (39)
tokyo pastry avenue k (44)


The range of sandwiches and burgers are lethal when it comes to choices so given the array of varieties, decision making would be a challenge. This Japanese Curry Chicken Burger (RM 15) gets a thumb up with the pricing. Grilled chicken in Japanese curry sauce on charcoal bun served with fries and salad is at a good portion and chicken was moist with very mild curry flavour, ergo the perfect choice for kids.


tokyo pastry avenue k (59)


The mains are the expected stellar part of the meal. It is quite extensive, with a good choice of chicken, seafood and pasta as la carte. Pan-seared Chicken (RM 19) serves with seared chicken in truffle sauce on a bed of herbed roasted potatoes. Portion is moderately good, leaving some space for desserts.


tokyo pastry avenue k (64)


Fusing Japanese element into their dishes is the Kikkoman Salmon (RM 23). A plump sized salmon pan-seared and glazed with popular Japanese soy sauce brand, served with assorted root vegetables to create divergence of texture in one dish.


tokyo pastry avenue k (52)


Pasta seemed to range fairly but the only pasta available is spaghetti so here is to hoping that patrons are all into spaghettis. Mushroom Garden Spaghetti (RM 15) is a vegetarian option and is broth spaghetti with assorted mushroom and long beans in miso. While the miso broth lack some intensity the mushroom also fall short of flavour.


tokyo pastry avenue k (45)


Prawn and Baby Octopus Spaghetti (RM 19) managed to redeem with their fresh sautéed prawns and baby octopus in tomato basil sauce. Because the heavy use of ingredients and herbs in this one, it absolutely outshine the earlier.


tokyo pastry avenue k (47)


Their desserts are to look forward to, and nothing can usually go wrong with chocolate. The Choko Brownie (RM 13) is a slice of to-die-for brownie studded with walnuts, and topped with ice cream and hot fudge. All the ingredients of sweetness which compliments one another in one dish to ensure full satisfaction and perfection as a closure to a meal are in this one.


tokyo pastry (6)


Their Matcha Redbean Crepe is really something to look forward to. It was light and both green tea and red bean fills in and complete one another with complimentary boaster of generous pieces of mochi, I could crave for this every other afternoon. Pair it with a nice cup of tea and I’m a very happy girl.


tokyo pastry (5)


As the name suggested, the Yamaimo is made of mainly Japanese mountain yam and along with cream that is not too heavy to lightly bring out the flavour or this. It was nicely decorated with strawberry on top but solely for garnishing purposes.


tokyo pastry avenue k (71)
tokyo pastry (8)


Another pretty little devil is the Mini Macaroon Cake. One that is good and enough in portion for one but as most essentials in every food, freshness would play a big part in determining the quality of the food. In addition to that, macaroon lack it’s flavour but nonetheless still fulfills the criteria of dessert when it comes to sweetness in flavor.


tokyo pastry avenue k (75)


Something a little ordinary is their slice cakes. The Oreo Mille Crepe has got great texture but lack the oreo flavour.


tokyo pastry avenue k (77)


Find some fascinating drinks from their beverage menu if you are just here for a short break to replenish the sugar. Cucumber Latte is one with a very great contrast in flavour. Think cucumber aroma at the tip of the tongue and gradually filling in is the taste of latte. Also available is a series of tea of which some might find it amusing. Rose with French Vanilla is really something as a flavour for tea. Ice Blended Oreo and Ice Blended Matcha is perfect for those with preference of something fancier and icy.


The décor is almost hypnotic, with lots of wood and interior to construct vintage and chic comfort. Guest settles into comfy seats and sipping on their selection of beverage while enjoying pastry dessert.


Tokyo Pastry is located at:
M-20 & SAC-M-1, Mezzanine Level,
Avenue K, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
GPS: 3.159259, 101.713225
Tel: (603) 2181 7660
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TokyoPastry
Website: http://www.tokyopastry.com/


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