When having steak, one can hardly relate it to hot plate let alone sizzling-diy-fast food style. In pepper lunch, dinners are to experience the popular diy fast food styled steak which has been a rapid success and growth in Japan. The concept of serving fresh ingredients on a sizzling hot plate and allowing guests to cook their meal whichever way they want, took Japan by storm. Emphasising on quality of food and services, this practice of sizzling concept using a unique cast iron plate designed and patented in Japan is the integral part of their success.


Using this special electromagnetic cooker, the iron plate can heat up to 260°c in 70 seconds and remain hot at about 80°c for more than 20 minutes. Meat grilled at this temperature remains tender and juicy, and the plate retains and keeps the food wonderfully warm. If you don’t mind the idea of sizzle and heat in return for delicious food, then this certainly is a great choice for hot plate dishes.


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When dining in pepper lunch, guests get total control over their meal and watching the natural raw state cooked before them is a joy. Each table would be equip with the special sauce – their garlic soy sauce. So whether it is tenderloin steak or hamburger steak, you’ll get to sizzle it to whichever way you desire.




Serving rice or pasta hot plate, the dishes mix and matches from very few simple ingredients to a galore or varieties. I must emphasise the sauce distinguishes one hot plate to another of the same ingredient.


Speaking of sauce, the Japanese curry range offers a selection of rice with different ingredients like seafood or curry and for those who is a fan of Japanese curry, you’d find the curry delightfully rich in this Japanese Curry Rice with Seafood (Rm 23.80) and Japanese Curry Rice with Double Burger Steak (Rm 23.80 ). And since dinners also doubles as the cook, I get to determine how much curry I’d like in my rice.


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Signature dishes include Beef pepper rice ( rice topped with thinly sliced beef, corn, spring onions and black pepper on the outside and delicious butter hidden inside), Shimofuri pepper steak ( premium beef beautifully marbled with fat that gives you a juicy and flavoursome steak ) and Hamburger steak with fried egg (hamburger patty made with minced premium beef and paired with wholesome egg). These are their Premium Steak so expect good quality and fresh ingredients. Double Burger Steak with Egg (Rm 21.80) serves with egg, corn, and vegetables would get steak lover going gaga over it.


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Eating steak with chopstick can be challenging but this is the Japanese culture so you might want to give it try even though choices of other cutleries are also available. Pepper Steak ( Rm 29.80) serves with vegetables and corn and the plump sized steak does appeal charming.


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Teriyaki double salmon (Rm 32.80) was my favourite; lightly charred and caramelised teriyaki sauce certainly enhance the flavour of the ingredients. The fresh corns were superb addition to the whole thing with very fresh and natural sweetness to tone and balance the intense flavour from the sizzling meat. It is amazing that they use fresh corn instead of the much simpler option from the can. Otherwise, corns would be soft and syrupy sweet and would taste very artificial.


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For the Chicken lovers, pepper lunch offers Chicken Deluxe with various marinated flavours and sauces such as teriyaki, black pepper, or smoky BBQ at Rm 20.80 and served with white rice.


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It is always good for restaurants to offer more than just rice. In this case, there is pasta if rice isn’t really your thing. The sauce and optional topping of extra cheese was sinfully rich and certainly made it even more enjoyable with that Al Dante spaghetti. There is Salmon Cream Pasta with Mushroom (Rm 19.80) and the lovely Tomato Sauce Pasta with Chicken (Rm 19.80) with the later slightly encouragable than the first especially when serving is generous too. Too much cream can be over relenting for some but the rich cream was luscious and paired perfectly with the salmon and mushroom.


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How to eat your Peper lunch hot plate:
1. Decide how you like your meat. Medium rare is good.
2. Spread butter and flip to cook. (Use the vegetables to reduce temperature of hot plate to prevent from overcooking the dish)
3. Pour sauces and mix


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Simple 3 steps to delicious meal. The only problem is that one might find it challenging to have to decide if it’s chicken, beef or seafood.


Good thing for the highlight of this month, their Combo Deluxe. I’d recommend this for anyone that is too fickle minded.


Combo Monanza_FA


Serving a mix of two combination in one, dinners can not only cook according to their own preferances, but at the same time enjoy more than one dish. For their Combo Deluxe, Salmon & Chicken (Rm 28.80) stays humbly on top for some who skips the beef mainly for religious purposes. But other top player includes the Beef Burger Steak & BBQ Beef Yakiniku (Japanese style marinated sliced beef) (Rm 21.80 ) as well as the Chicken & BBQ Beef Yakiniku (Rm 21.90)


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Sides weren’t really a scene stealer and definitely isn’t something to shout about. Nonetheless, available choices certainly still appeal to some. Soup was nothing too great; rather just palatable and salad was pretty ordinary only to fulfill the quota in the food pyramid. Mashed potato was instant so let’s not expect too much from a fast food chain.


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Desserts certainly isn’t their forte and these soft ice creams sometimes gets inconsistent when it comes to the texture of the ice cream. A plain vanilla with toppings to offer as varieties did sound charming but was nothing close to stunning or superb. There is the Kinako caramel (soy bean powder and caramel), Chocolate and Mango as well as the Matcha flavour for a sweet finish to a remarkable experience.


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The sizzling hot plate offers amazing dinning experience and certainly host as a good gathering venue for all occasion. Dinners get to experience something a little different from the conventional and choices seem extensive to cater to most people.


Both ala carte and set meals are available and the set meal is currently on promo. It includes a main, a rice, a Nestea of your choice, and a complimentary tumbler while stock lasts. This promotion starts May 2014 and is only available at Pepper Lunch Restaurant at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and Sunway Pyramid.


This review is thanks to Nomsterads , and this Pepper Lunch outlet is located at :


Lot 1.54 Level 1
Pavilion KL.
Tel: 03-21410228
Operating Hours: 10 am -10 pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/PepperLunch


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