Classic American dinner food sells like hot cake here at the Betty Midwest Kitchen. Starting with the Ham and Tomato Soup (RM 10), this very homely warm and savoury soup is a great choice as an appetizer. Tangy sweet flavour from tomato blends superb with the carrots and ham slices in the soup. It is a fairly filling appetizer which is great to go with the garlic toast.


1.ham and tomato soup RM 10 @betty (1)


The Roasted Chicken and Onion Soup served with garlic toast (RM 10) fell short from the previous. Despite the rich and thick ingredients in the soup, the chicken strips in it were not too fresh thus making this unpleasant.


9.betty -Soup of the day RM 8roasted chicken and onion soup (1)


The Classic Meat Loaf managed to redeem their reputation. This would probably be a must order the next time I visit them. I love the combination of those peas and freshly mashed potato with chicken gravy. As much as I try not to have too much minced meat or mix mashed meat, I couldn’t quite resist this because the meat has got a right texture that is not too hard or mushy, and obviously tasty as well. Also served with it is some caramelized onion, and this slightly and supposedly chili sauce to go with the meat. The sauce was slightly watery and similar to diluted tobacco with sugar in it. It wasn’t fiery hot, but mildly and tingling spicy on top of light sweetness, making this a good compliment to the dish. But really, you can omit the sauce.


2.classic meat loaf RM 16.50 @betty (9)


This place is like a pork haven where you get all the best pork dishes. The Pork Chop with Chicken Gravy is great in proportion for a moderate eater. The portion were just nice thou I’d like to see more vegetable to squash the richness of fats and oil.


3.pork chop with chicken gravy RM 23 @betty (15)_副本


If you like something a bit more solid, try the Pork Belly (RM 27). About 250 g of solid meat served with mashed potato and coleslaw. The sides weren’t that impressive all in all, but it shouldn’t overtake the attention of the main in the dish in this case the meat. Having said that, their mash potatoes were amazing.


4.betty -Pork belly (about 250gm) RM 27


The pork belly came really fresh and perfectly cooked to perfection resulting an amazing bounce and juiciness.


5.betty -Pork belly (1)


Of course the lazier choice of menu would be the Sausage Platter which I am not quite a big fan of it. It is subjected to personal preference really, but if you are a fan of those Taiwan sausages, this one has got quite similar texture, which I haven’t liked the oily dash that squeezes from every chew. This one doesn’t have that much oil, but again this is subjected to different individual.


6.sausage platter@midwest kitchen (2)


If not, seek homely comforting flavour with the Home Style Macaroni and Cheese at RM 15. Macaroni baked in their own thick creamy and cheesy sauce and topped with crunchy breadcrumbs, served with a side of leafy green. Macaroni with gravy inside and on the outside, oven baked cheese with amazing fragrant and unrelenting texture to continuously scoop it into the mouth.


7.betty -Home style macaroni &cheese RM 15


The beverage menu didn’t manage to draw too much of my attention but the Hot Lemon Tea (RM 4) and House Lemonade were pretty decent.




The Betty’s Midwest Kitchen is located at :
Jalan PJU 1/43 Aman Suria, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7880 0196
Close on Monday
Open 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, 5:30–10:00 pm



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