Ante kitchen and bar rise as a stop for pork lovers with most of their signature dishes showcasing assorted pork dishes be it mains, or starters and ranging from a good meal for solo diners or communal eating to bites that goes superb with beer. The menu is extensive and picking your choice can be rather challenging if you are a pork lover or a foodie like me. But if you need to pick a few, I’d say select according to the choice of meat desired and pork has got to be one of them since it is a house for pork lovers.


13.ante kitchen


Accommodating with indoor and outdoor seats, the ante kitchen stands strong when it comes to creating comfort dining while I recommend outdoor for natural breeze on a cooling night.


12.ante kitchen (33)


Starter already elevate the expectations on their mains and while the choices are a killer, I am happy to know that I can always count on them whenever craving for Broccoli Soup (RM 15). Comforting thick texture yet light and healthy, this tasty soup serves garnished with croutons.


3.ante kitchen - Broccoli Soup RM 15 (3)


Chef’s signature instantly perks your taste bud with a mild spicy twist in tomato soup. Chef’s Tomasco Soup (RM 12) is one that will get you scooping continuously as it tantalizes the appetite.


9.ante -Chef’s Tomasco Soup (1)


Pub grub is impressive and great as communal pick. Sweet Belly (RM 25) showcased roasted pork slices with pride and ready to be dipped in Ante’s house made caramelized sauce. I don’t fancy the sauce but the evenly distributed layers of fat and lean meat was to die for. Fat layers melts while the skin cracks and crunches when gnawing.


10.ante-Sweet Belly (3)


Utilizing all the parts, we want to listen hard when this dish speaks for itself as you eat it. These thinly sliced pork ears were fried while coated with seasonal bread crumbs. The texture of it makes a great munch as appetizer.


1.ante kitchen -Shhh, Listen RM 15- Thinly sliced pork ears, fried while coated with seasoned bread crumbs


The mains must not stray far from pork although other dishes with many other ingredients are also available. The Volcano Sacrifice (RM 30) serves slices of grilled juicy pork on a mountain of mashed potatoes and covered with some arugula leaf. Complementing it is the Ante’s special “volcanic” spicy sauce which wasn’t as fiery as the name suggested. Having said that, it promotes moist and aroma from the lean pork slices.


6.ante kitchen -Volcano Sacrifice RM 30 (1)
7.ante kitchen -Volcano Sacrifice RM 30


Another signature is their thin crust pizza, Signature Chorizo & Bacon (RM 27). Apparently it is an all time favourite pizza in Ante. First of all, it wasn’t really thin but the generous amount of pork chorizo and bacon did pull some stunt alongside appetizing flavour from the tomato puree as well as heaps of cheese on it. I always doubt how well the dough is being cooked but I don’t see how that is a huge problem and you can always just send them back to the kitchen.


4.ante kitchen -Thin crust pizza, Signature Chorizo & Bacon RM 27 (5)


Pork is obviously their thing in Ante but other poultries were also available. Opt for a healthier choice and go with the Fish and wedge (RM 23), serving fish and some mussels.


5.ante kitchen -Fish and wedge RM 23 (2)
5.2ante kitchen -Fish and wedge RM 23


If worry about pork overdose, get a whole chicken leg with their Herbed Baked Chicken (RM 24). Baked till tender and served with some vegetables and arugula salad. Chicken skin was crispy delicious and flavorfully moist and juicy one the inside. It is common for restaurants to cook from frozen ingredient and if doing it right, would make the dish enjoyable in many ways.


11.ante-Herbed Baked Chicken (1)


Ante Kitchen and bar is located at the Solaris Dutamas and is not hard to locate as it faces the main road along Jalan Duta:


A2-G1-09, Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.17056,101.666106
Opens daily : 11am -1am


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