An intense showdown between the hipster place and normal restaurant is definitely on going right now in the Setapak area and who would have guessed for so many changes in the past few years. There are inevitably many that exhibit hipster traits but the normal shops are still doing great for sure, offering the basic good food. Here I am getting a little lost trying to locate a stall on the street but in the mist of all the chaos navigating my way, I landed with what’s claimed to be the Kajang satay. Located at the platinum walk, is this decent and simple layout restaurant with decent flavour to satisfy stay crave. Judging from the sign, I am guessing business should be quite good at times. Some people preferred to be served but I am honestly fine with it.


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The menu was rather simple and straight forward, with a kitchen separated with a glass panel showcasing some satay grilling in action. Also on the menu is authentic Malay cooking of simple dishes like assorted nasi gorengs and the famous Mee Bandung Kajang special (RM4.50). A reasonable price for a decent bowl of yellow noodles with some vegetables and meat and superb gravy, topped with an egg with runny yolk might sound ordinary but it was comforting and hearty.


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Satay selection range from chicken to beef, and fish to mutton, with what some might find it exotic like the beef trips, chicken liver & gizzard, or even rabbit. Cucumber, nasi impit, and ketupat are priced in the range of RM 0.30- RM 3 which once again is not too expensive.


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Peanut sauce would be another determining factor to define a good satay meal. Here, the peanut sauce comes with fiery hot sambal but the sauce alone was sweet so it gives a sweet and nutty aroma with light tinge of spicy.


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Satay was decently marinated with the right amount of spices and with lots of experience, grilled with perfect timing yielding juicy and moist texture on each meat skewers.




Parking is quite a pain in this area and is not free at the same time, so there will be a lot to consider when it comes to this.



Satay Kajang Semuri is located at :
3A-0, Platinum Walk, Jalan Langkawi,
Danau Kota, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur,
Setapak, 53300
Tel:03-8737 1853


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