Namely the cowboy burger, one would expect a lot of wild wild west, some gunslinger or wranglers and dart boards, or even a rodeo machine in the café. However, the layout was surprisingly neat and slick with warm lighting and good ventilation system. Smoking area is available but heat-averse people like us usually preferred the air conditioned space inside. Tucked quietly in a not so busy corner of the SS 15, the Cowboy burger draws the burger lovers with its gourmet servings.




Having spent a long time in Japan, the chef incorporates Japanese aesthetics into his creation and it is not surprising to find Japanese influenced flavour in some of their burgers. The cowboy Teriyaki Chicken Burger (Rm 16.80) serves with a wholesome whole chicken leg marinated with homemade Japanese teriyaki sauce. Topped with loads of minute efforts that are hardly noticeable, a gourmet burger as such is reasonably priced.


2.cowboy burger (11)


Cowboy takes pride in the pork patty and pork lovers will do well with the Cowboy Mushroom Burger. The meat is delectably tender without being mushy and the topping adds on flavour and texture in whole. Served with herbed fries and salad, and special dipping sauce, the combination would be amply satisfying.


3.cowboy burger (9)


If burger buns are off-limits, then go for their Fish and Chips (RM 17.80). The fresh fillets are lightly battered and fried until golden, and the chips (fries) on the side are charmingly well seasoned. A wonderful symphony of crunchy and delightful textures but in need of a plumper slice of fish, accompanied with lovely tartar sauce.


4.cowboy burger (21)


Cowboy wild mushroom soup (Rm 8.80) is blended with 3 varieties of mushroom and served with a toast. Clean texture from the three mushroom blends were not sufficiently comforting but on the bright side was not relenting. I’d much prefer creamier soup for starters.


5.cowboy burger (17)


Nibbling menu showcased Mexican influenced cowboy snack, Nachos Cheese. While onion ring maybe crispy hard and slightly less pleasant gnawing it, their chili dipping sauce makes it lovely. Did I mention the dipping sauce was quite an addictive one? It was specially prepared by the chef with mix of mustard as main pungent factor to the taste of the mix.


6.cowboy burger (22)
7.cowboy burger (7)


If you are lucky, expect mix of beverage that’ll surprise you when the chef doubles as bar tender. Find yourself indulging in interesting mix flavours like pineapple and sour plum, or steady thirst quencher like the Honey Lemon (RM 6.80)




Cowboy Burger is located at the not so busy side of SS 15 (along Grafa café) so parking is considered a breeze especially during after office hours.


9.cowboy burger (1)


Cowboy Burger is located at:
25 Jalan SS 15/4b,
Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-5611 9963
GPS: 3.075809,101.587227


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