Having so much good food around us, sometimes we like our simple home cook dishes and the closest we get is probably from the chap fun stalls available at almost every corner within any neighbourhood. At times we’d wish there were more of these chap fan stalls mostly because they are usually economical. A complete hearty meal of a plate of rice with few dishes usually cost a few ringgit depending on the type of dish picked. With additional of RM 0.50, brown rice is available for the health conscious.


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Certain popular chap fun place would be famous for certain thing. They could be popular of certain signature dishes, or perhaps very economical or having a great assortment of choices etc. Whatever it is, it’ll draw its own targeted crowd.


2.wangzi usj


Here in the hustling commercial center of Taipan Usj, rise a chap fun stall taking chap fun concept to higher level to deliver better service and food to the diners. Naming them self as the “Wang zi mix rice” (price of chap fun), they certainly live up to the name when they serve more than 60 dishes on daily basis each ranging from RM 1-RM 3.


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Keeping the humble shop lot clean and tidy at all time, dinning is very pleasant and comforting. Cooking in strictly within the premises so cleanliness is guaranteed. Rest assure they don’t extend their cooking outdoor at the back alley. With that, cleanliness is almost premium for a typical shop lot premises like this.


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Choices of pork, chicken, innards, eggs, root vege, fruit vege, leaf vege, bud vege, flower vege, tofu, beans, fermented or processed food are all available in variation of fried, braised, stir fried, boiled, steamed, grilled, seared and so much more. Name it and chances are really high they’ll have it, diners are naturally spoilt for choices. Cravers would feel like kids in a candy store, not knowing where to begin when they see the variety of dishes.


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Signature dishes presents to charm and draw returning customers. Mini lion head (minced pork ball) with chili sauce demonstrates effort and skill where else the use of ingredients showcased generosity.


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Free soup of the day must not be taken lightly, and is absolutely a draw factor to the local patrons. Using double filtration for the shop water filter system, free flow of drinking water and chinese tea can be consumed at ease; self service of course.


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Pleasant dining and upgrading the quality of mix rice business while bringing it to a higher level is the philosophy of young owner who also is a fan of mix rice himself. Noticeable effort also includes the use of electric cooker to keep their rice warm instead of the conventional thermal container. Also take note the ongoing promotion of chrysanthemum and soya bean at RM 1 each.


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This area is already well known with the inescapable challenge when it comes to getting a carpark, but anytime pass the office hour should be easier if not breezy.


Wanzi Mix Rice is located at :
36, Jalan USJ 10/1B,
USJ Taipan, Subang Jaya, Selangor
Opening hours: 10am-1pm and 4:30pm-8pm daily (close on first Sunday every month)
GPS: 3.049527, 101.584648
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wangzimixrice


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Click on photo to see more dishes.


wangzi mixx rice usj


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