Surfacing to crown themselves as prince of pastas with the amount of pasta choices offered, Purple Pasta at the Oasis Ara Damansara offers a great deal of assortment and value. No purple pasta on the menu, but diners would be very happy with their RM 5 pasta to be selected out of the total 8 types of their current menu. Complete the meal with 2 from these choices with RM 5; homemade cold brew coffee, homemade iced espresso and ice cream, tea of the day, and special popcorns. That way, you get a great deal for a meal and cost no more than RM 10.


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Starting with the Lamb Marinara (RM 5), a piece of meatball comes with a well composed tomato puree, and herbs that evenly coats the pasta for maximum joy when savouring this. Lamb naturally linger with gaminess and creamy flavour to the tangy pasta so this one meatball sums a good portion overall for small eaters.


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Those with bigger appetite should worry not since each pasta cost RM 5, one more of their pasta lets you savour more than one assortment at one go. Egg lover would be happy to order their Authentic Carbonara (RM 5) that isn’t relenting at all since there is not cream in this one. In contrary it was delightfully creamy and delicious from the parmesan and poached egg.


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Gourment food lovers would highly value the ingredients used in purple pasta’s kitchen. Tossing their salad with traditional balsamic vinegar (balsamico), and Japanese mayo with fresh rocket leaves, lettuce, tomatoes, and croutons and sprinkled with parmesan; the Garden Salad (RM 8) is a great sharing dish.


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Holding on to the philosophy to introduce and serve fine dine quality at affordable prices, diners would get to explore sophisticated ingredients in their dishes with premium quality and exquisite technique. The new dinner menu would serve Fra Diavolo Mutton – creamy mutton pasta with dark chocolate added to the sauce and with a light tinge of spicy. (Yup. Chocolate. Have I got your interest?) The lamb stewed in marinara and later added with dark chocolate!


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More on their dinner menu is Salmon Tartare with divine ingredients of luscious portions of cubes of cured salmon and tartar, ebiko, dill leave with Japanese mayo nicely plated for a pleasant experience with a quick torch for beautiful finishing.


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Exquisite did not stop there, Prawn Ceviche features combination prawn and vegetables. Lemon bath shrimps are commonly served as cocktail bites but this acid cooking technique here in purple pasta is paired with purple cabbage and white onions blanch at the bottom.


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Another French dish with creamy mixture and fantastic texture served casually here in this neighborhood café is the Prawn Thermidor, a counterpart of the well known lobster thermidor. Fresh with premium ingredients for a humble café like this, this one is absolutely the scene stealer for the day. The choice of garnishes used is clever and beautiful, albeit the uncertainty to how mass crowd would receive it. I certainly adore it.


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The dedication and passion in culinary is again reflected in Poached Chicken & Smoked Duck. Another lovely dish lying in between a main and appetizer. While the portion is close to main, yet it was insufficient as one. Chicken poached with tea with smoked duck and baked pear on generous amount of mashed potatoes, it is best for communal eating.


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Lead by the same team who runs Epiphany Coffee (previous occupant of the same outlet), the expertise in coffee is heftily presented here so diners would not only taste fine dishes but also fine coffee after meal. Not to be missed is their piccolo and latte where the later is served with a spoon full of Azuleta (violet sugar), hence the floral aroma of lavender to linger within the coffee at the tip of your tongue. The coffee bar offers single origins from Brazil, Guatamala, Indonesia, and Columbia.


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Although disappointed to not see any purple shades in the décor and interior, the vibrant ambiance welcomes patrons and offers casual and cosy dining experience. Comfy and relaxing absolutely appeals to chic dinning although hard to relate to fine dine but for sure would mesmerize the palate at a good price.


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Purple Pasta Restaurant & Café is located at :
D-G-06, Block D Oasis Square Ara Damansara
2, Jalan PJU 1A/7APetaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: (+603) 7859 9998


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