Two Pesos Taiwan Mini Steamboat is the latest addition for steamboat lovers. The word ‘pesos’ would mostly relate to Philippines but it is highly unlikely that you’ll find anything Philippine here. In contrary one would surprise themselves with the assortment of variation from one simple Chinese delicacy; the steamboat. Being the master franchise and the first outlet in Malaysia, this number 1 Taiwan mini steamboat is now available in Malaysia. Two Pesos Steamboat landed at SS 2 and is the latest hype for steamboat lovers.


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Insisting on steamboat being a traditional Chinese food that is good enough to savour as a everyday food, everyday is a good day for hot pot instanly becomes their tag line as they tried to make the steamboat as an everyday food despite the weather in Malaysia.With this environmental friendly bilingual menu, impressions are certainly positive at the first impression. Seats are at standard allocation accordingly to the built in individual stoves.




Malaysian loves food no matter rain or sunny. On top of that, the comfy and good ventilating system is absolutely amazing while offering joy and casualty. Using all natural ingredients and absence of msg, their choices are extensive palate friendly; emphasizing on low carbs, low fats, lots of vegetables and lots of proteins in assorted pots accordingly to the soup base. It is no wonder people line up at peak hours.


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The range of soups and the compatibility of different pots were studied and designed to introduce Malaysians this new style of steamboat that is already reigning and selling hot in Taiwan itself. Every pot comes with soup, vegetables, some meat (pork, beef or lamb), and a choice of rice or noodles (rice, yee mee, or bee hoon) at average price range of RM 10 – RM 16. Twelve kinds of steamboat so finding the right one can be pretty tacky for the indecisive ones. Sauces and cutleries are self serviced and play your way to the best combination of dipping sauce.




Two Pesos Stone Pot (RM 13.50) presents with a generous bowl of a mix of vegetable, tofu, mushrooms and seafood, alongside noodle or rice and meat slices.
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With some garlic and herbs inside the cast iron pot, the quick heat conduction slightly sautés the meat before it was removed and clear soup is then added to the pot with addition of Chinese Sour Vege for taste. Addictively pleasant and savory this one.




Tajine Seafood Pot (RM 16) is specially crafted for seafood lovers. The cone shaped cover is designed to promote the return of all condensation to the bottom and reserves as a replica to slower cooking so the essence of the ingredients later parades in the soup in making. This Morocco style pot uses the steam to force the water from the ingredients, hence preserving its own fashion and flavour.


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Using imported milk from Germany, Milky Seafood Pot (RM 14) resembles diluted carbonara but not relenting at all, in fact was actually smooth and delicious. Light creamy and cheesy aroma that is savoury sweet with essence freshness naturally extracted from the ingredients in the pot.


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The star of the day was the Japanese Sukiyaki Pot (RM 14). Laden with pea shoots corns and all the ingredients that contribute to the delightful sweetness so naturally tasty when everything simmers in the soy sauced based soup.




If the above soup bases are too main stream, check out their Mongolian Herbs Pot (RM 14). Apparently the herbs are good for health and absolutely not greasy at all. This one is slightly uncommon for the local palate but the adventurous ones would palpably agree to the flavour, and the very unique pot.




And challenge your friends to order the Basu Spicy Pot (RM 14), more commonly known to resemble the usual ‘ma lat’ spicy pot we are all familiar with. This one is clear at start but as it lingers at the back of your throat before swallowing, gives the exciting pungent and spiciness.




Each portion are considerably hefty for small eaters but because the dipping and cooking prolongs eating time and good air conditioning make eating very pleasant and enjoyable. However, those with a big appetite can always order more at add on selections. Add on meats or vegetables or these dumplings. Good refrigeration and quick turnover ensures very fresh ingredients.




Beverage didn’t quite earn much of a shout out here and was perceptibly outshine by their steamboat range. They sell mineral water (RM 1.80), Passion Fruit Ice (RM 2.50) and Kochani Winter Melon Tea (RM 2.50).


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Fans would be happy to know that Two Pesos will soon have lemon soup, pesto soup, and tomato soup in the lineup. Also because the restaurant is always packed, takeaway bowls comes in real handy with everything nicely cooked and neatly packed, ready to consume.




Two Pesos Taiwan Mini Steamboat is located at :
No.7, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS2/67 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
GPS: 3.118583, 101.623042
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm


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    If that’s Philippine pesos, that would be less than 20 sen. I bet nothing comes at that price there. I wonder why they call the place by that name? Not into anything Taiwan but I sure wouldn’t mind steamboat, any kind.

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