Seafood lovers can now include Traders Hotel’s Gobo Chit Chat onto their list for their seafood indulgence. Being invited as a plus one to attend one of their recent review sessions (thanks to Mr. Taufulou ), the galore of sea critters was impressive given the offered pricing. The buffet lineup serves crabs, prawns, lobsters and many more with many cooking style and culinary presentation. Starting with the fresh and raw ones, there is the sushi and sashimi bar, with assorted Japanese dishes.


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Fresh seafood is all served beautifully on ice to preserve freshness and the finest quality possible.


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These fantastic offerings from the sea draw the spotlight on their crabs and diners who love the shells and clams should know that there is a beautiful range offered.


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8.gobo chit chat @ traders KL (30)
8.gobo chit chat @ traders KL (27)
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Straight up from the stove, we had butter milk crab in claypot.


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11.gobo chit chat @ traders KL (34)


And of course if you dislike waiting, there are more from the sea and barn cooked and prepped or the salad bar, with fresh vegetables and fruits.


13.gobo chit chat @ traders KL (3)


Surely there is more than this in their full buffet galore, but one can only indulged this much. The dessert section will also be something not to be missed.


14.gobo chit chat @ traders KL (39)


Priced at RM 108 per person, this offer is available from 8 Aug 2014 through 29 Nov 2014, every Friday and Saturday night. This one is quite a remarkable pricing for seafood lovers. Proceed to Taufulou’s site for full review.


Gobo Chit Chat is located at the Traders Hotel at:
Level 5, Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 2332 9888
For more information or reservations, please contact them at:


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