Banh mi baguette, also known as the Vietnamese sandwich is probably is one of the most popular signature of Vietnamese food that is well known to other natives from all over the world. Being the signature here at the Banhmicafe, patrons in Puchong now taste fresh baked baguette with assorted choices of fillings ranging from beef to pork and ham, to grilled chicken and eggs.


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Banh Mi Ga (RM 6.80) decently compiles slices of chicken with julienne carrots and parsley and a good textured baguette. This grilled chicken sandwich is light for main but makes space for other add on.


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If looking for complete meal with rice and dishes, the rice sets are all served with white rice and side vegetable of the day.


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Ech Kho Xa Ot (RM14.50) elaborates rich herbs and spices to the sweetness of frog. This lemongrass stir fried frog is good to go with the white rice. A good spicy for that extra kick.


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Tuning to a softer flavour, Banh Uot Thit Nuong (RM 7.50) is fantastic and appetising with lovely chunk and juicy from cucumber and bean sprout, along with velvet smooth chi cheong fun.


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A whole load of bland to accompany the BBQ pork and Vietnam ham. Pairing this with tangy home concocted sauce, is a pleasure to consume with lighter flavour.


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Another clear distinct flavour of vietnam is the Da Ca Loc Nau Canh Chua (RM 14.50). This fish soup vietnamese style serves fresh haruan fish with a heft of cabages and pineapple, resulting the flavour of soup skewing to sweetness.


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Also served with rice, and given the very reasonable pricing, this is a fantastic place for comfort food.


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Bites and munchies are there to serve as good appetisers, if dishes are served on time. Reasonably priced with per serving portion of 3 pcs, Cha Gio Chien(RM 3) the Vietnamese fried spring roll presents with lovely skin and a satisfying fill of minced pork in it.


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Beverage was interesting although it didn’t quite earn much reputation for themselves. The names can be intriguing but really, Vietnamese Abc Che Ba Ba (RM4) was nothing too fascinating. But is economical, each drink would come with their house beverage; lemongrass tea.


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And lastly, one must not leave this place without a cup of Vietnam drip.




From what I noticed, this place is in real short of manpower, so expect a little delay in between each servings. But then this is a very good place for Vietnam home cook and everything is selling for a song.


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Being concealed by the Colombia Hospital here in Bandar Puteri, this location wasn’t too bad given the breezy traffic and convenient parking spaces.


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Banhmicafe is located at:
21, Jalan Puteri 7/9,
Bandar Puteri Puchong
47100 Puchong
Tel: +60162295548
GPS: 3.025569, 101.623220


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