De Reve Salon Cafe is probably the only salon in Melaka with an attached cafe next to it serving quite a fair range of light snacks and desserts for the in house as well as walk in customers. Hidden beside the salon facade, one would easily miss the existence of this serenity. reve melaka (26)


The effort showered upon such tiny little space that accommodates roughly almost less than 30 patrons at one go is very much admirable. The rough cemented side and rustic panels are being adorned by soul calming greens that blends perfectly well with the colour theme of black and white tables and chairs. This simple and spacious ambiance provides a good comfort despite the hot and sunny weather in Malaysia. reve melaka (25)


All crews and staffs at the cafe showed great bonds amongst themselves, hence a cheerful vibe flowing swiftly around this cafe. Operating their cafe from a tiny nook as kitchen/bar, food quality was decent and lovely if not fantastic or divinely. Meanwhile, coffee bar lacks experienced barista but manages to pull a good caffeine and sugar fix. reve melaka (18)


Cafe latte (RM 7) wouldn’t charm anyone for a love at first sight but the signature Dalmatian Waffle (RM 12) here warrants an instagram shot for all instagramers. Waffle is almost about half an inch thick, topped with Walls Vanilla scoop, drizzled with some chocolate and then nicely decorated with strawberries before dusting it with sugar, to make this a pretty dessert to put that smile across your face. reve melaka (27) reve melaka (30)


Although freshly prepared upon ordered, it’s not gourmet so don’t expect anything too fantastic. The choice of fruits makes it lovable. Strawberry lovers would go gaga over the Strawberry waffle.


6. de reve melaka


Banana crumble (RM 9) is another good dessert to look forward too. In fact, I strongly recommend their crumble over waffles, for there is a higher ratio of fresh fruits in this one making this rather refreshing despite being sweet. Also topped with a vanilla scoop, the portion is good for solo dinners. reve melaka (14) reve melaka (15)


If you don’t like creamy and milky combination, then try the apple peach crumble that’ll come with a hint of tanginess.


9. de reve melaka


Offering simple food, savory choices are limit to pizzas only. Their Homemade Hawaiian Pizza (RM 15) served as a thin slice of pizza with decent toppings on it, sufficient for sharing as light bites. reve melaka (12)


This salon and café under one roof is a great place to pamper yourself or your best friends and is obviously a great place for the ladies. reve melaka reve melaka


This salon was strategically located at the corner of this shop row along Jalan Kenanga (near Gajah Berang School) and parking is simply convenient. reve melaka (2)


De Reve Salon and Café is located at:
No.203-G Jalan Kenanga 3/29,
Taman Kenanga SEK.3, Melaka
Tel: 06-286 6006
GPS: 2.205698436, 102.24213


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