The latest addition of steamboat restaurant sprouted in a rare location within Subang at a less commercial corner of the SS 14. Taking over a mechanic shop, the Hometown Steamboat Restaurant seem to be a lot merrier with more dynamic compared to the previous occupant. Since there aren’t any eateries remotely visible, parking is a breeze here and one can double park without causing much consternation.


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The spacious corner lot is adorned with light bulbs and warm lighting certainly creates quite a calming and comfortable environment. Semi open air is a delight that adds ventilation to the otherwise inevitable hot and stuffy surrounding.


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Deep fried crispy pork (Rm 12.90) serves a good portion for the price charged and like most pork dishes, this one was also good if not superbly amazing. The outer crunchy layer did not last crispy forever but was good enough to last till the soup starts boiling. Accompanied by their blend of chili sauce, this plate of fried pork pieces made a good sharing platter.


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Set meal comes in choices for group or solo and comprises of a mix of poultry, seafood, vegetables, noodles, eggs etc. and ala carte items range from assortment leaves, tubes, roots as well as a full galore of selections almost impossible to be explored in one meal. Some sets would need a minimum of 2 pax per order but solo dinners can always opt of single ala carte choices. I didn’t quite like the idea of raw meat on the same plate but I guess that’s how they plate it.


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Soup base is one of the drawing factors to attract steamboat lovers. The clear soup is rather common but apart from the Hometown clear soup, there is HongKong Style Clear Soup with Preserved Egg & Parsley, Tom Yam, Pumpkin porridge, and Hometown Porridge each priced at RM 4 for half pot and RM 8 for full pot. What intrigues me at my visit was the Fish Head soup which pretty much lets you make your own fish head noodle. Half pot cost RM 8 but only because it comes with chunks of fried fish head pieces in it.


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Porridge set (Rm 17.50 each) requires minimum order for 2 pax and is all you need to order to enjoy a basic steamboat meal.


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Chili and dipping sauces are equally as important when it comes to steamboat especially if pork slices are available. A quick dip of their Signature Pork Slices (Rm 9.90) is the best to enjoy their dipping sauces, and offering only 2 chili sauces so the attentions would sway at freshness of their ingredients.


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With the heat and the perpetual boiling pot, the Sea Coconut Longan in jug (Rm 8.50) was a popular choice. It really isn’t my thing as I’d prefer something more refreshingly quenching and least dulcify during and after the steamboat.


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For referencing note, tai chau and grilling booth available so there are more than just steamboat for everyone. Take note that cheese and chocolate fondue are available.


Hometown Steamboat restaurant has several outlets (refer to their facebook page) and this one is located at:
No 21, jalan ss14/2,
Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor
Tel: 03-40317621
GPS: 3.066509, 101.592680


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