When the name of this bistro restaurant came to my attention, I was excited and exhilarated with another pork place. All hype up and ready to chew some fats and perhaps wallop few slabs of those ribs most pork place would offer was all that I had in mind. Locating the restaurant was no rocket science; just look for crab factory and the entrance leading their diners to the 3rd floor restaurant is right at the alley entering the back lane of crab factory.


1.smoking hog


Upon entering the lift, hearts pounds a little faster in excitement while anticipating for the door to open. Once opened, it was like a whole new dimension visually with very dimmed and soft lightings amidst chic decor crossing theme with mysterious underground private meeting rooms or akin. A huge long table resembling those Queen Anne Chair or those of the Golden Age of English era.


3.smoking hog


While the room barely accommodates more than 50 pax at one go, the eating experience is offset by the classy decor and clever design and art elements scattered around the space. These photos really didn’t do them justice (I forgot my spare battery).The music at the background creates that perfect complementary to meals of every occasion. Food did not take long to arrive and the menu selection is neatly divided to breakfast till 5pm, dinner till last call as well as the all day menu. We totally missed the – much- interesting-looking all day breakfast menu, so review is based in their dinner offerings. The highly anticipated bacones were not available when I visited and was a pity or it should be able to elevate the dining experience to a much higher satisfaction.


2. smoking hog


Smoking Hog Mushroom Soup (RM 16) was supposedly hearty and comforting for those who prefer the least creamy soup. Portion serving hits point blank for tiny eaters, making it great as starter while waiting for the main. And this time around, the slice of ciabatta which accompanies the soup was missing. I’m guessing I wouldn’t have missed out much.


4. smoking hog


Labeling themselves as the smoking hog, you’d know that almost all dishes revolve around pork. And true indeed except they rely entirely on bacon; some in strips, bites or chunks, and is in almost every single dish. The Bacon Coleslaw (RM 18) is apparently not suitable for the kids, as stated on the menu. And true enough, it came with tact spike of spiciness amidst the mellow tangy and natural sweetness from the cabbages. Served topped with pieces of panko crumbled bacon wedges, this one is quite a delight. Something out of the ordinary.


5.smoking hog


Smoking Hog Cheesy Fries with Smoked Bacon Fries (RM 16) is probably the biggest joke in culinary history this year. Think takeaway fries from McDonald’s after 5 hours, refried and topped with some melted cheese in an oven. Mentioned in the menu, this one exists because they are over truffle fries. I’d say they should have stick to truffle fries.


6.smoking hog


Remember the viral tomato rice recipe that circulates at a point of time? Looks like we are conveniently getting that here. Popham Prawn Casseroles (RM 47) is a strict sharing portion for sure, and expect fresh prawns since the Smoking Hog are also backed by the Crab factory downstairs. Rice cooked in tomato broth and freshwater prawns and Prawns, served (once again) with their signature gimmick; bacon. The only flavour you get is the natural sweetness from the prawns and tomato, the palate would only enjoy this when it’s cold because it was really bland.


7.smoking hog


Smoking Hog Spaghetti Bolognese (RM 33) takes pride with the mix of three meats; beef, lamb and pork. Also not forgetting to decorate with the signature, the pasta was pleasant visually on its own. It wasn’t al dente to my liking but mass diners would enjoy their texture. Poached egg was included on top of the pasta but don’t expect any yolkporn action.


8.smoking hog


A good presentation elevates very simple dish to elegance and that is exactly their Double Portobello Mantaus with Tomato (RM 24). Probably guilty with all the bacon in every dish, this one decided to be accompanies by not only fresh vegetables by the side, but no salad dressings as well. Man tau deep fried and sandwiching Portobello mushrooms with a slice of tomato reminded me of secret recipe’s kids burgers except lesser fun factor and no alpha fries.


9. smoking hog


Alcohol and wine selection was charming and with this kind of set back, is a fantastic place for some alcohol drinks. Dessert menu, like their dinner ranges sounded fantastic on print but I’ve lost all faith after the cheesy fries.


The Smoking Hog is located above Crab factory at:
21 Jalan SS2/64, SS2,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7865 9239
GPS: 3.118729,101.620371
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smokinghogmalaysia


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  1. A Not So Secret Admirer

    The place looks pretty dodgy to me with a side door way to enter and a lift that slowly takes you to the 3rd floor as if you’re entering an illegal gambling den.

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