It is a customary practice to include lousang in almost every meal as we usher into the lunar year. But because lousang with bo cui cracker is too mainstream, here is what the Chez Rose Continental Restaurant at Jalan Batai is offering; lousang with real food to be tossed healthily.


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Joining the festive mode, the same team of talents behind Jake’s Charbroil Steaks crafted their own version of Lou Sang (RM 63) with every natural ingredient, accompanied by magnificent service from their crew. This regular sized lousang is fantastic for diners to sink into the Chinese New Year festive and is perfect for two when dining.


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While enjoying this seasonal scene stealer, the restaurant is overwhelming and absolutely worth checking out: a not-too-spacious yet homely wood- and wicker-clad dining area populated by couples, families, parties of friends; authentic continental cuisine served with European charm ; a flexible menu and wine list. Staring with their house starter bread served warm, it was alluring.


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Proceeding to the Smoked Duck Roll (RM 18), it was freshly made and paired with concocted dipping sauce to mesmerized diners with the crispy from the deep frying on the outer later and succulent mixture of smoked duck and fresh julienne vegetables. This one has got fantastic texture with awesome mix of flavours.


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Soup menu were really decent and attractive and while most place preferred the conventional choices more widely accepted by the locals, a bold attempt to offer Broccoli Soup (RM 16) is worth that pat on the shoulder.


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Main dish was punctuated with friendly chat about the freshness of their fish, as well as the quality of their ingredients. Imported from Norway, Salmon Strudel (RM 45) maybe a little hefty with the plump serving size but along with the precision of their puff wrap and gravy, justifies the price.


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Finishing the meal with Schoko Nuss Palatschinken (RM 20), sweet tooth would want to skip this because as much sweetness as this Viennese crepes stuffed with hazelnut and warm chocolate sauce may sound, this one is very authentic with fragrant and aroma of each distinct compositions.


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Ask for the best pairing with the dessert and toast away with not only great food but the warm 5 star quality of services at this restaurant.


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Chez Rose Continental Restaurant is located at :
6-5, Jalan Batai,
Damansara Heights, KL
Tel: 0320921978


Thanks Martha for introducing this lovely place. I’d be returning to this place very soon.


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