Instagramers in Ipoh would already know and grew fond of the Roquette Cafe at Jalan Sultan Yusof, thanks to the perfect lightings made amazingly perfect for photography. Followers of my instagram would know of my recent escape to Ipoh state and despite the short duration spent, Ipoh town is quite a food haven for anyone who loves food. And with growing demand for coffee, many cafes are popping up fast although not as quick as those in the klang valley.




This one is not new to local townsfolk anymore; a cafe serving the community, as well as to the community. The popular symbol of the rocket; a renown sign from the Democratic Action Party has got their own desk within the cafe, and is what’s most prominently eye catching in this chic and cheerful lounge apart from the lovely displays of packs of coffee beans and brewing equipments.


2.roquette cafe (2)
3.roquette cafe (1)


Lovely lightings from the window panels ushers natural brightness and warm into the cafe, making it pleasantly charming to dine in.


4. roquette


Because this is a quick stop, food menu was overwhelming for us who has been eating nonstop. Instead, we indulge in coffee and cakes.


42.roquette cafe (4)


Serving the house blend Cold Brew (RM 10), one cannot help but to notice the reasonable pricing. Single origins are available for hand brews, Kenya beans is what we savoured in our Drip Coffee (RM 14) although I’d prefer a press with this one. Also brewing is the El Salvador drip coffee (RM 14) for anyone who likes the body that lacks acidity.


6. roquette


With a house blend as espresso base, sip onto pretty pour with Picollo Latte (RM 8).




Non coffee drinker shall fret not. Tea and other beverages available but I would request so they go easy with the honey then next time I order the Honey Lemon (RM 8).


8.roquette cafe (5)


For cakes, both Lime Cheese (RM 12) and Winter Sonata (RM 12) were unregretful decisions. The first gave a spark to the cake, acerbic with creamy finishing while the later refreshingly showcased by coconut shred around fragrant yam flavoured cake.


9.roquette cafe (9)
10.winter sonata @ roquette cafe


The Roquette Café is located at:
101, Jalan Sultan Yusof,
31650, Ipoh Perak
Tel: +6052412616
GPS : 4.596745,101.07742
Facebook :


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  1. A Not So Secret Admirer

    At least Ipohites are accepting cafes now. Used to be, a cafe won’t last long because local folks wouldn’t pay RM10 for a cup of coffee when they can get a good White Coffee for almost 1/10th of the price.

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