Kaya kaya Cafe at Jalan Tukang Besi (Melaka) is clever with their name, with settings very bare and nostalgic and at the same time incorporates contemporary into the setting of this new cafe. Being new, expect inconsistency from them but cut them loose on that as it takes a while to adjust and fine tune. And like many other cafes within this proximity, this one’s also hidden behind very ordinary looking facade. It is only when you walked in that you’d see the beauty of that natural lighting penetrative through the central patio, beautifully and instantly creating that breathtaking ambiance.


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Because of its strategic location at the Jalan Tukang Besi (an adjacent street to the famous Jonker Street), facile parking is possible most of the time. Arriving at the cafe is like being transported to a different world, with its lush greenery and surround to making this a peaceful spot for meals at the courtyard.


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There’ll be occasional sound from vehicles and passerby from the main road but they don’t last forever. Decors and interior were semi vintage and contemporary with lots of wood and bricks.


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The menu is varied and impressive, with different types of pastas and mains to offer. Too much I was finding it tricky to take my pick. And when asked for the best seller, a pretty staff recommended their high tea set. Negative elements started flowing the moment this decision was made; 40 minutes to compose a two tier serving wasn’t justifiable especially when what’s on the tiers include over exposed slices of charcoal bread sandwiching one smoked salmon slice with torn pieces of greens.


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Cold and dry pieces of unelaborated pancakes were sloppily accompanied by honey and cream. And passion fruit tarts were casually compiled by filling the frozen tarts with cream and simply topping them with passion fruit puree. Cakes were probably the closest to being decent and palatable. Two slices of carrot cake and one pathetic cut of chocolate cake with (thankfully) untempered cream on top to add to the moist for these cakes.


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Matching that with Long Black and Jasmine Tea wasn’t a bad idea except they did not leave any impression except to wash everything down.


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The Kaya Kaya High Tea Set (RM 38) fails to attract significantly from what is good value for money option but it certainly looked fancy and instagram worthy. Expect clogging on the social media feeds in the next few months but it would require more than just that to make me visit again anytime soon.


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Kaya Kaya Café is located Melaka at:
32, Jalan Tukang Besi
75200 Melaka
Tel: 018-984 5351
GPS: 2.196158627, 102.24826554
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kayakayacafelol


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