Another great addition to Sunway and in particularly to the students advantages, the Crispy Crust is another fantastic place for that quick meal. Located along the shop row adjacent to the side entrance of Sunway International School, parking can sometimes be quite a challenge most of the times but given the right timing and a bit of luck, a legal parking bay shouldn’t be too difficult. The restaurant is not hard to spot with that huge crave of letters at the facade.


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Inside the restaurant, get cosy with the tall ceiling and huge spaces with walls painted in simple white, adorned by large frames of menu and layouts of tables and chairs with ample spaces enough for some privacy for comfy dining.


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The menus are real simple, with a fix set of indigents and a variation of dishes mixed and matched by yourself accordingly to your personal preferences. The mains are to be chosen from option of either chicken or fish, mostly fried and grilled, and next to that is the top up addition of an array of compliments including pasta, rice, and slices of bread. Matching that is a variety of choices of sides like fries, salad, jumbo sausage or fried egg and many more. Lunch deals are reasonably priced.


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Swaying slightly a little to the fast food concept, expect very little effort and most dishes live up to the name; crispy crust. My pick, Fried Chicken (RM 5.50) with Fries (RM 4) is clever and certainly appealing to the younger crowd. Topping Caramelised Bacon (RM 2) onto that otherwise boring slice if fried chicken makes it interesting especially when the fries were served without any sprinkle of salt. But having said that, it is not something I would recommend because I personally find that those bacon resembling much like waxed meat (which I am not fond of).


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Without the caramelised bacon, enjoy the crispy crust while it is hot because as soon as it gets cold, it becomes a little tough.


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Grilled Salmon (RM 16) slice maybe a little harsh to the students’ wallet but they serve a good slice of salmon instead of those cheap cut. Nicely grilled to that perfect crust on the skin and keeping the inside moist and juicy also justified the price. And adding Pasta (RM 3) with option of Mushroom sauce to the slice of fish was great and sufficient to complete a good meal.


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While most dishes were decent, Salad (RM 3) was taken very lightly off and casually served with lettuce and nothing else but a squeeze of mayonnaise.


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Since most are fried or deep fried; they cleverly feature frizzy beverages for that extra kick when it comes to complimenting their dishes. Lemon Soda (RM 2.50) might just be the best option to wash those relenting oil from the frying. Weirdly, beer is available probably due to the heat from their food or maybe the warm weather of Malaysia.


8. crispy crust


The Crispy Crust restaurant Cafe is located at:
No. 39, Jalan PJS 11/9,
Bandar Sunway, 46100, Subang Jaya
Tel: 03 56125550
GPS: 3.067265,101.603145


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  1. A Not So Secret Admirer

    I find the sign not very easily spotted as it camouflage being wooden and all.
    Also, when it rains, the sound tends to get amplified inside which makes it difficult to talk.

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