Sakai’s Curry Bar at the Solaris Mont Kiara is keeping the interior sleek and simple, the space is neat and open and very unlike most bars or bistros. Fan of Japanese curry should know that this new place offers curry and a whole range of booze at the bar.


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As suggested by their name, dining and drinking counter parted one another and serves as a good place to host a decent meal with a drink or two to follow.


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Food menu is nothing close to a galore but keeping it simple means fresh ingredients, which is a small fragment of the formula to perfect dining experience. With prices slightly a little steep, the Half Pork Cutlet Curry (RM 20.80) is good for tiny eaters. Pork cutlet fried with a good timing, keeping them juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.


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To savour the curry alone, Curry and rice with cheese (RM 18.80) let’s you enjoy the rich flavour of the thick curry with melted cheese


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The add ons or sharing portion was not their best and I see such big room for improvements. Good thing it was served with a wedge of lemon but that still doesn’t quite save this Fried Chicken (RM 17) from being palatable.


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Curry Ramen, like their other curry dishes falls really short from bedazzling the diners. At least I am not impressed with the heavy curry powder that dominates the flavour in this one. Hard boiled eggs instead of runny yolk nicely displayed on top alongside a slice of chashu.


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Non alcohol drinkers can be prepared to be dazzled by their Green Tea ( RM 3) for I’ve not tasted green tea as thick as this one, there is probably no room for precipitation if you try filtering it (you know I’m exaggerating but I think you get what I mean). The list of alcohol was pleasant, with prices from RM 20 onwards. Grab a glass or two after dinner without a change of venue. It is unlike any other bistro bar where loud music often interrupts your conversation. There is the Asahi Draft (RM22), House Wine (RM 22), and featuring blue Curaçao for the summer feel, Blue Lagoon cocktail (RM 22) and they are all decent for the price you are paying.


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With so many Japanese restaurants in such a small enclave so highly densed with Japanese expatriates, this place would really need to step up on the game to impress the crowd. Relying on the bar and alcohol may not be sufficient since there are plenty of bars around.


The Sakai’s Curry Bar is located at:
Ground Floor, Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mont Kiara,
Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-421 8950
Sun.-Thu. 11:00-00:00 Fri.-Sat. 11:00-02:00
GPS: 3.174887,101.659756


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6 Replies to “Sakai's Curry Bar @ Solaris Mont Kiara

  1. A Not So Secret Admirer

    This would rarely be a place where Japanese would go. Cheap foreign labors to run the kitchen and place and curry that Japanese would rather get their instant mix to make their own.
    I find it interesting that Solaris Mont Kiara like to put up bars who are open air. No doubt foreigners may like the warm conditions of Malaysia, but expatriates would rather sit on an air-conditioned area rather than a not so cooling open air place to drink.

    • sycookies

      Totally agree with you on the food, thou I kinda like the open space for drinking. To the very least , it wasn’t stuffy and no clogged up 2nd hand smoke. Still… on a hot day, I don’t know how they manage. But night time isn’t too bad.

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