D’lee Deli Café at Casa Tropicana is a recent addition to the dessert specialized café within the Klang Valley vicinity. Dessert is no longer what you would only find at the final page of the menu anymore, instead dessert parlous are what’s started to bloom since the last quarter of 2014. Waffles in particular are making a great impact on the cafes in an unconventional way. Generous lashings of assorted fruits, condiments, or even savoury bacon compliment a waffle so delicious. Accompanying that is quite a fare of lovely beverages especially perfect for any occasions.


Clearly the crowd drawer here, their signature Taro Latte managed to contrast themselves from a lot of nearby cafés. Both the Cold Taro Latte (RM 10) and Hot Taro Latte (RM 8) has amazing aroma but the latter nailed it without being diluted by the dissolved ice cubes.


1. dlee deli


As for the caffeine addicts, coffee brewing from espresso machine is here for your daily fix with prices ranging from RM 6 to RM 10. Hot Americano (RM 7) served in glass instead of cup and Affogato (RM 10) showcases their infamous soft served ice cream.


2.dlee deli cafe
3. dlee deli cafe


Next, we move to the notorious item in the café-waffle. All waffles come with your choice of 1 topping and 1 sauce on top of their soft served ice cream and optional waffle kind of original Belgian or chocolate flavour. All waffles priced at RM 15 and this is one of those generous portioned dessert that is perfect for sharing. If you are following me on Instagram , you’d know that Strawberries, Blueberries and Banana hit me at the right spot cause they are my all time favourite toppings.


4.Dlee deli cafe @ Casa Tropicana (10)


The soft served Ice Cream of the day is Vanilla and although being my least favourite flavour, I thought this one was well executed to pair really well with those sweet sauces. Waffles were really fresh when I had it with great texture; crispy and airy. Click HERE for the menu on Toppings and Sauces.


5. dlee deli


D’lee Deli Café is clearly one of those with a sweet tooth; they are offering other desserts that goes perfect with ice cream. Apple Crumble Pie, Brownies and Blondies, all served with ice cream (RM 9 respectively). Good thing they are pretty addictive when complimented by the ice cream. It should be gone before the ice cream melts away in our humid weather.If you’d like to dulcifying indulges and slowly sink your teeth in your desserts, soft served ice cream probably isn’t ideal but fret not for the Oreo Cheese Cake (RM 9) should be perfect enjoyment. Despite not the best slice of oreo cheese, I thought it could be a great substitute for those slow eaters if you prefer your dessert not melting away.


6.Dlee deli cafe @ Casa Tropicana (11)


Desserts are not the only thing available here, Panini deserve hands down when looking at their selling price. Delicious Creamy Button Mushroom and Ham (RM 13.90) and Chicken Pesto (RM 17.90) were both moist and easy to consume. Plus, all Panini are served with homemade oven baked potatoes.


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8.Dlee deli cafe @ Casa Tropicana


And, here is a sneak peek to what’s coming up next in this café. Breakfast Waffle with a good mix and that very compulsory item for breakfast- eggs. Choose sunny side or scrambled and have that with some ham, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, baked potatoes, and side salad.


9.dlee deli
10.Dlee deli cafe @ Casa Tropicana (12)


Also, here is a little good news for fans of cider. Clink the bottles for Koppaberg Premium Cider of assorted flavours. It makes D’lee Deli a rather diverse category but all in all puts together a good place for chill out, perfect for casual meet ups.


11.Dlee deli cafe @ Casa Tropicana (13)
12. d'lee deli cafe


Parking may not be a breeze on most nights because they share an adjacent compound with residential buildings so expect parking availability to be somewhat challenging.


The D’lee Deli café is located at:
Lot B07 & B08 Casa Tropicana,
Jalan Persiaran Tropicana,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 017-347 7017
GPS: 3.10543, 101.59049
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dleedeli


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


Also check out http://www.foodadvisor.my/dlee-deli-review/ and find out how you can redeem a free coffee.


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  1. A Not So Secret Admirer

    In order for a dessert cafe to thrive, they would have to either charge exorbitantly or has to be super popular. Else, it’ll die down months down the road.

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