When it comes to Indonesia food, we always remember the penyet dishes; the warungs selling them and the popular chain restaurants with those authentic Indonesia dishes. One of the many is the Waroeng Penyet and at Nu Sentral outlet, it seemed quite the right place for fresh Indonesia penyet dishes.


9.Waroeng Penyet @ Nusentral


Embrace yourself at a narrow table setting which is basically probably only one or two foots away from the adjacent tables. Ordering and paying at the counter speed up their serving process but food would be served at your table when it’s ready. And it’s exactly this fast-food feel that makes you feel like a kid when enjoying these fried goodies.


10.Waroeng Penyet @ Nusentral


And here is a tip, everything taste better here with their signature sauces; the fiery chili sauces and sweet sauce so help yourself with your desired amount of sauce at the sauce booth.


8.Waroeng Penyet @ Nusentral


Their best seller and a must try is none other than the Ayam Penyet Peha (RM 8.90). Served with tempeh and fried taukua, atop shredded cabbages and sprinkled with crunchy bits, the chicken is cooked to perfect timing for a lovely texture still juicy and moist on the inside. Plain rice (RM 1.90) is optional but I’d say it completes the satisfying meal.


5.Waroeng Penyet @ Nusentral
6.Waroeng Penyet @ Nusentral


Lele Penyet (RM 7.90) is something new to me and this first experience was pretty awesome despite the very hideous looking fish. There is crispy texture at both the head and tail while the flesh within the crispy skin remains juicy. Fan of fishes would be delighted with this one.


4.Waroeng Penyet @ Nusentral


Adding a little more vegetable to the meal, the pleasant Indon Style salad; Gado Gado (RM 6.90) has their side of charm. Too bad they are out of vegetable soup or that should be another good addition to the meal.


7.ayam penyet nu sentral (3)
3.ayam penyet nu sentral


Last but not least, the Ice Jasmine Tea Sorso (RM 3) and the Avocado juice (RM 9) is that signature when it comes to eating Indonesia. Alas, their avocado juice wasn’t at my preference especially when heftily sugared with much sweetness which kind of overtaking the avocado.


2.ayam penyet nu sentral (1)
1.Waroeng Penyet @ Nusentral
Waroeng Penyet Nu Sentral is located at :
Lot 4.08 (Level 4) Nu Sentral,
Jalan Stesen Sentral 5,
Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2276-3384
GPS: 3.13338,101.68685
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waroengpenyetmalaysia


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