The large paintings furnishing the white walls and the vintage decorations all over the cafe here at the Locahouz at Jalan Tokong (near Jonker Street Melaka) is a bold proponent of an unabashedly rusticated simplicity.


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Coherent to the tranquility is the peaceful silence, putting this a lovely place a perfect stop for tourist and backpackers to relax.


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Unlike many cafes lately, their menu here is much to be admired and applauded. Something I personally regard highly when all gourmet is prepared in house. Homemade Loh Mai Kai (RM 5.50) isn’t pricy when you get real pieces of toppings- one that doesn’t see through when you hold it up to the lights.


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Pork Bacon on Fire (RM 15.90) and Omellete Set (RM 13. 90) doesn’t hold a candle to the their Loh Mai Kai, but still provides the comforting meal somewhat close to homemade.The first has an interesting spread of chili gravy on slices of bacon atop a thick bread with cheese between it, and a sprinkle of bonito flakes. The fire in this one comes solely from the chili and fusing some Japanese element to the otherwise dry and tough texture on the entire dish, is the sesame dressing on their side salad. On the other hand, omelet was a lot easier to consume, with soft and moist texture next to some crunchy fresh salad on the side.


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A simple spread of cakes for cafe hoppers, and be rest assured that they are all fresh and made in batches. As mentioned earlier, nothing is outsourced. Mangolicious (RM 14.80) here was really decent and lovely if you are a fan of mango. And for the tourists, these tropical fruit with cheese cake is a gem and a must try.


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Beverages are a little fancy but supposedly to cater to both the locals and tourists. From Malacca Coffee C (RM 4.50 ) to Green Tea (RM 6.90) and some other juices, the pricing is much questionable and whether they are worth the respective prices, can be rather subjective to different individuals. I’d say the best local coffee comes from the good old local kopitiams.


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The fact that they are not on the Jonker Street itself; parking is alot easier if not breezy.


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Locahouz is located at:
53, Jalan Tokong,
75200 Melaka
GPS: 2.19795,102.245
Facebook :


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