Baan Thai at Garden Shoppe (outside One City) in USJ fires up authentic Thai dishes for all you Thai food lovers out there. Located in a veiled end of the weird laid out of One City, Baan Thai is certainly a rough diamond. Look beyond some of the plants at the façade and those slightly dingy interior and you’ll discover some of the most authentic Thai food.


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Set lunches are good value and don’t expect to sample anything too unusual but instead, serene and classic flavours of Thai cuisine are to be savoured. We gathered with their ala carte dishes and started with their Pandan leaves Chicken (RM 9.90) which would decently pull off as starters. Beautifully wrapped with pandan leaves and leaving the chicken flavourful and delightfully juicy.


2. Baan Thai One City USJ


The menu is massive and typically Thai, with a pleasant emphasis on seafood. Spicy Tom Yam Prawn (RM 21.90) is amazing with their very fresh prawns scoped right from their tank upon ordering. While Tom Yum is all about the body, the many prawns swimming in the pleasant soup was a delight to go with the white rice. Nice sourish, with the right sweetness to counterbalance sharp acidic in the soup makes it easy for us to polished the pot.


3.Baan Thai One City USJ
4.Baan Thai One City USJ


The Clams in Lime was the crowning glory of the meal, and the freshness of this seafood plus the tangy delight with piercing shock from the chili padi is quite the hands down for communal eating.


5.Baan Thai One City USJ


And for something very we can all relate to – some omelette to go with rice. Crispy Thai Omelette Prawn (RM 11.90) is a good addition at communal dinning, we all love its crisp-edged omelet and those generous chunky prawns in it.


6.Baan Thai One City USJ


And while the Yin Yeong Kailan (RM 9.90) completes a wholesome and balance meal, with a twist to offer one vegetable in two cooking style. A common dish in most Thai restaurants, the Kailan is cooked in 2 ways; light stir fried with garlic, and deep fried shredded kailan leaves.


7.Baan Thai One City USJ


And while Garden Shoppe’s restaurant scene might suffer when compared to that at the renown sky Park with those breezy courtyard and sweeping bird’s eye view, Baan Thai is by far the best Thai restaurant within this proximate when it comes to value for money. Red Ruby with Iced Coconut Milk Topped with Jackfruit (RM 6.90), Mango Sticky Rice (RM 9.90) and Tago with Coconut Jelly in Pandan Leaf Cup (RM 8.90) are all serving at freakishly large and impossible-to-finish-on-your-own portions. The red ruby is one of the freshest I’ve had in a while and the juicy chunks of chestnut in each ruby are to die for. Of course they were slightly overwhelming when it comes to the sweetness, but I do have a lower tolerant to sweetness.


8.Baan Thai One City USJ
9.Baan Thai One City USJ
10.Baan Thai One City USJ


Set lunches start from less than RM 10 and serves with complimentary drinks. Their beverages are compiled nicely to fit the needs for mass and commonly recommended when it comes to Thai restaurants is the Lemongrass Juice (RM 6.90) but juices like fresh Kong Dok Juice (RM 7.90) is equally as good if they go a little easier on the sugar. But if you are like me, all picky and fussy when it comes to sugar in beverages, Lime Juice (RM 6.90) is always a safe option.


11.Baan Thai One City USJ


And like many other Thai restaurants, you get your fragrant rice to go with the dishes; makes this a great place for group eating and family meals.


Baan Thai @ Garden Shoppe (Outside One City)


Baan Thai Restaurant is located at :
B-01-GF Garden Shoppe @ One City,
Jalan USJ 25/1A,
47650 Subang Jaya
Tel: 019-217 3680
GPS: 3.021554,101.57933


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