In a comfortable modern setting, the Mizukawa Japanese Restaurant at IOI Boulevard, Puchong offers an extensive selection of popular Japanese dishes we are all very familiar with. There is no omakase specialist, and no outdoor seating, but the menu that impresses with its wide variety of Japanese offerings suffices to fulfill your cravings for Japanese food. From sushi to bento, sashimi to ramen, and donburi to sukiya buffet, there is always something for everybody.


1. Mizukawa japanese IOI boulevard
2.Mizukawa japanese IOI boulevard


Appetiser didn’t fail us; with what’s available in most Japanese restaurants and perhaps a little more that’ll also go perfect with a drink or two. Chuka Idako (RM 6.80), Koebikaraage (RM 12.90) and Chawanmushi (RM 5.90)


3. mizukawa


Most dishes on the menu was done and presented with generous portion, although some being unnecessary but hey, we are not questioning their generosity. The Unagi Cheese Roll (RM 32.80) serves like any other California roll with eel, and rich cheese sauce heftily draping the sushi with mayonnaise all over it and at the same time with tempura fritters coated to the sushi that is then bedded on julienne carrots. There is no way anyone can pop this as a bite size into their mouth.


4.Mizukawa japanese IOI boulevard
5.Mizukawa japanese IOI boulevard


Sashimi lover will be glad to know that Mizukawa here would present the beautiful platter of 5 type Sashimi (RM 68.80) or Salmon Belly attractively and as lovely as it would feed into your social media, this one is meant to be savoured fast and quick before the ice melts.


6.Mizukawa japanese IOI boulevard
7.Mizukawa japanese IOI boulevard


The spotlight and signature dish was what’s born from of a marriage between Japanese and Vietnamese, and it did appeal to me all thanks to the refreshing vegetables inside the roll. This one was at pleasant bite sizes. The lovely cucumber and lettuce counterbalances deep fried soft shell crab making it less cloying to perpetually enjoy this one.


8.Mizukawa japanese IOI boulevard


For sushi ballers, the menu showcased wallet friendly deals and when made upon order can promise a satisfying experience. In fact, I enjoyed sushi over their sashimi and baby octopus was delightfully fresh when I had them.


9.Mizukawa japanese IOI boulevard
10.Mizukawa japanese IOI boulevard


Apart from sashimi and sushi, cooked Japanese dishes also available and one of the most authentic fish that typically represents Japanese cuisine is the grilled unagi. Here, the fat and plump eel grilled nicely, alas although basted with the right amount of soy sauce, mirin and sugar, was also sprinkled with a vigorous dash of pepper to hefty for me to enjoy it.


11.Mizukawa japanese IOI boulevard


Although not a customary tradition in our country, Mizukawa Japanese restaurant like most other Japanese restaurants can be the hub for boozes along with their all-embracing menu. Alcohol range is not extensively as charming as those of a bar but suffice to let you spend a good evening over a variety of Japanese dishes.


12.Mizukawa japanese IOI boulevard
13.Mizukawa japanese IOI boulevard


Mizukawa Japanese Restaurant is located at :
G36, IOI boulevard Puchong,
Jalan Kenari 5 Puchong 47100
010-933 7839
GPS: 3.047013,101.621497


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