Madame Waffle in 1Utama (1u) opens to offer waffle as snack and like their Midvalley, Gardens and IOI City’s outlet, they are the quintessential kiosk café in malls, complete with neat dining table and the continuous grow of coffee bar. Being the first artisan Belgian waffle using Japanese ingredients, patrons get the finest ingredients freshly baked daily on site to cater to both the fast moving pace and leisure indulgence.


1.Madame Waffle @ 1Utama


At the recent launch of their fourth outlet at 1Utama, classic waffles (original, matcha, chocolate, honey, tiramisu, cinnamon and coffee) that are good to grab and go, as well as their dine in waffles (Peanut butter crunch, coffee tiramisu, banana nutella and madame signature) were all equally attractive, especially with the fresh-out-of oven smell pilling and wafting in the air at their open kitchen.


2.Madame Waffle in 1Utama
3.Madame Waffle in 1Utama


Dine in waffles are coveted item for sure. Fresh and neat texture with toppings and ice cream with seasonal berries (and if you are lucky, limited edition Musang King Durian) gracefully plated to serve. As you know, durian really isn’t my thing but I can assure all you durian lovers out there amidst any outlandish flavours, the best move is to embrace this Musang King Durian Series because you’ll never regret it.


4.Madame Waffle in 1Utama


Tiramisu Waffle (RM 11) is perfect for any coffee lover, the waffle served powdered with cocoa and beautiful berries plated around it is not only something that’ll look good in your instagram feed, but also a good measure for in indulgence.


5.Madame Waffle in 1Utama
6.Madame Waffle in 1Utama


Those were yet the highlight of the day. I’ve already had their upcoming item that will clog up your social media feeds by the time they launched it then, in a couple more days (sometime in August). Three waffle each inspired by Disney’s magical flight of the imagination, and of course I am totally in love with Snow White. With Earl grey ice cream reign on top stacks of waffle cutlets, that amazing tangy sweet and pretty in pink dressing on the plate, this one is with crispy edges still smoky from the griddle and will only be available at the 1Utama outlet.


7.Madame Waffle in 1Utama-01


Drifting away from the Belgium waffle to also cater to mass crowd who loves crispy waffles, they mean it when they say crispy. Cinderella here promises absolute clean and neat of course and no need to wait for fairy god mother to grant your sweet extravagance. Blending the right recipe to form the airy and light crisp, while beautifully presented with slices of banana and the berries, and magically dusted with sugar powder for absolute viewing pleasure.


8.Madame Waffle in 1Utama


And if that’s not good enough, unleash your creativity and build your own waffle master piece with your choices of toppings.


9.Madame Waffle in 1Utama


Pair your waffles with your favourite coffee or tea and if you are lucky, Feng – the 2013 Malaysia Aeropress Champion may just be your barista.


10.Madame Waffle in 1Utama


Congratulations Madame Waffle with the fourth outlet, and thanks for having me over. Click here for Madame Waffle’s Menu .


11.Madame Waffle in 1Utama


Madame Waffle is located at:
SK9 / Second Floor, 1Utama Shopping Mall
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama City Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 012-5517744


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